Smiling Pasta Ep. 15 subs released + responses

>> Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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Sorry about the delay, but you know it's the holidays...hehehe... Please continue to be patient with our releases because fansubbers also have shopping to do, dinners to eat, and parties to attend! And my holiday going by fast, or what?! Sigh...gotta start preparing for school again.

Responding to comments about Hana Kimi:

I read comments, but I often read them and forget about when or where I've read them...hahaha...

Font sizes: no, I'm not going to change them. After doing a few episodes of silence, I realized that it's impossible to satisfy everybody. Since we've received more praises than complaints about the font color/size/position, the sub stays as is. Since there seem to be quite a number of individuals/groups subbing the series, you may be able to find a softsub copy from them to use with the RAW videos. That way, you can adjust the subtitles to the way you want it.

Episode 1 mistakes: yes, there's more than one...a dozen...maybe even more. You might notice things like missing capitalization on names/titles, some odd grammar ("the America"). However, after spending hours (into days) on testing out encodes using the X264 codec with AkumaX and matching font colors (aesthetics), both of us felt that we can live with those mistakes (after all, we're doing this for free). Yes, it's embarrassing....go ahead and laugh :P

Episode 2 encode: yes, it was encoded differently. It was another encoding "test" of ours. Heh, we thought it looked fine, so we released it.
It was later that we found out the file was not indexed very well, so some of you might be having problems with fast-forwarding and/or rewinding it.

Can we encode them into avi format instead of mp4? Well basically, we can very well slap the hardsubbed video and audio into an avi container, but that would probably confuse a lot of people to think that it is a DivX/XviD file (when it's not). Anyway, as mentioned before, we're using the X264 codec because it gives better quality than XviD at the same bitrate.

How do I re-encode them into another format? Since it is impossible for us to guide you through the whole process of how to encode videos, please refer to or

When will the next episode's subs be released? Hard to tell...translations can take from days to weeks. Timing usually doesn't take long, but the QC process can be very long depending on how much "tweaking" the translations and timing needs (this is where we transform, "thou shall die a horrible death!", to, "you will die ugly!"). Each process can be prolonged due to our personal events (school, tests/exams, shopping...). No matter how much you (or our very dear non-Chinese speaking timers) want to chain us to our computers to pump these subtitles out, you'll have to wait patiently.

Are you releasing softsubs? No. Why? Some users have been abusing this privilege.


Hana Kimi episode 2 hardsubs

>> Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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We made some screw-ups in the first episode, but I think they were tolerable...hahahaha Bear with us, we're still playing around with encoding and subtitle placements and style. Hopefully, we'll solve our problems when we release episode 3 :)

Many thanks to AkumaX for helping us encode even though he's been working like a zombie at work...hahaha...

Note to self: Don't bother asking guys what font color, size, or style to use...


Smiling Pasta episode 14 subs

>> Monday, December 18, 2006

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Here are the subs for episode 14 :)


A Double RELEASE!!

>> Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tis' the season to be joyful, fa la la la la la la...

Long time no see. Anyway, I hope everyone here will enjoy a "double" release from SUBlimes of Hana Kimi episode 1 and Smiling Pasta episode 13 :)

Hana Kimi Episode 1 Hardsubs:

click here to go to download page

This episode has been encoded with the h.264 codec. It is recommended that you install a player that has built in codecs to play h.264 videos. If you don't have a player, don't worry. We've bundled GOM player in the torrent and if you don't like GOM player, you may choose to download others of your choice such as: BSplayer, KMPlayer, etc. Another option to view the video is to install the CCCP filter pack.

Since another person has released softsubs to this series, we will not release ours.

If you plan on redistributing, please redistribute the file as is and do not reencode the file. Please also credit SUBlimes when you do so. Help SUBlimes and d-addicts by directing your viewers to the forum.




Translation notes:

04:16 | "Hai Dai A, Hai Dai" ("Seaweed" game)

Learn how to play the game: download clip

Remember, you should be half drunk while playing it...hahaha...

01:09:46 | "Hou Sai Lei A!" (the pink bubble)

I can't believe I missed this one (haha...well, we generally don't do a thorough QC on anything from the preview and onwards). The screen cap:

All Cantonese speaking viewers should know what this means. It's a fairly recent slang in Taiwan. If you say the words in Mandarin, it's the pronunciation to the Cantonese phrase, "HO SAI LAY AR!" (好犀利呀!). It simply means, AMAZING!

Enjoy the show :)

Smiling Pasta Episode 13 Subtitles:

click here to go to download page

Important notice:

Fansubs are free and should STAY free. We do not encourage others profiting from fansubs. Thus, I would like to ask the user to kindly remove all videos containing SUBlimes' fansubs from the following website:

Please also discontinue uploading any of our fansubs onto the above website. Thankyou for your cooperation.

Until those videos are removed, episode 14 will not be released publicly.


Delay on Smiling Pasta subs and dropping silence

>> Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sorry. I won't be able to release episode 13 subs next week. I have a stack of essays to mark (which need to be completed by Dec. 6th, then I have an assignment due on the 8th). Believe me, I rather be editing subtitles right now than reading a bunch of essays on the same topic. I'm really sorry, but subbing work just might have to be postponed till the end of school. It's unfortunate, but as you all know, final projects are due and exams are coming, so most of our subbers are becoming increasingly busy as we approach the end of our school term.

Dropping Silence

We hate to leave a dent in our record, but all our QC'ers and coordinators of Silence have decided to let this project go. Sorry to everyone who has been following this series.

Hana Kimi

Translations are coming in slow for Hana Kimi, but raen is BACK to help us QC!! YAY!

Your patience is appreciated :)


Smiling Pasta ep. 12 subs released!

>> Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Episode 12 subs: get it here

Another release! I can't say when episode 13 will be done. Anyhow, subbing will go into full speed once school is over for me.


Hana Kimi Subbing Project

>> Monday, November 20, 2006

SUBlimes is proud to present you with yet another new project! Hana Kimi marks our 4th subbing project as a fansubbing group. We hope you've enjoyed all our previous and ongoing projects, and we hope you'll enjoy this one too.

We will be hardsubbing this series with the H.264 codec. Please download and install a player with built in filters to play the file (ie. MPC, GOMplayer). Since someone else is releasing softsubs at d-addicts and usage abuse of our subs we will not release ours.
Hope you'll enjoy our releases :)

Redistribution rule: Please credit us if you upload elsewhere, and also please DO NOT put any type of logo over the hardsubbed version we release. 

If you plan on redistributing, please redistribute the file as is and do not reencode the file. Please also credit SUBLimes when you do so. Help SUBLimes and d-addicts by directing your viewers to our blog and the forum.

You can forward the direct download links anywhere you want (help keep them ALIVE!).
Click here to learn how to play these .mp4 files
Click here for the list of released torrents
Click here to watch these hardsubs on SUBlimes' youtube account
Batch Torrent Ep 01-15
Hana Kimi OST: Megaupload

Episode 1
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema )
Translation notes: warp to post
Translations: luckysmile20, snarkastic, illUSi0NSHAD0W, bitterlemon
Timing: lilbaby, xCHELLy
QC: raen & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 2
Version 2 - Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
***note: No changes were made to the subs in Version 2. Version 2 is purely a re-encoded version for those who had trouble playing the original release.
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: illUSi0NSHAD0W, luckysmile20, woorbi, furuba
Timing: viewMD & thaominh
QC: fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 3
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: tlina069, ptaele, carinelay, illUSi0NSHAD0W
Timing: jewellangela & thaominh
QC: raen & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 4
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Related media: Tai Ke explanation | "JGame" (referenced song)
Translations: yeuannh, rachh, FrozenSkye, snarkastic
Timing: sunshine4ever, xCHELLy, AkumaX
QC: blahzer & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 5
Torrent | Megaupload (from Nhu) | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, KenderKin, sullema)
Translations: carinelay, boolala, blahzer, kkandy4mee
Timing: kenderkin88 & kkandy4mee
QC: raen & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 6
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: momo, fufu, FrozenSkye, woorbi
Timing: viewMD, thaominh
QC: raen & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 7
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: FrozenSkye, ptaele, rachh, woorbi
Timing: soutsada7, lilbaby
QC: raen & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 8
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: Zahra, Zahra, Zahra, Zahra
Timing: jewellangela & sunshine4ever
QC: Winny, innerouter2000, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 9
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by fufu, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: kkandy4mee, carinelay, snarkastic, FrozenSkye
Timing: viewMD & thaominh
QC: hijacked, innerouter2000, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 10
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema)
Translations: ptaele, fufu, woorbi, blahzer
Timing: kenderkin88 & thaominh
QC: raen & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 11
Torrent | Megaupload | Megaupload 2 | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, fufu, madeline, sullema)
Translations: carinelay & FrozenSkye
Timing: sunshine4ever & thaominh
QC: purplex & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 12
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, madelinepoh, sullema)
Translations: eraiza, FrozenSkye, carinelay, momo
Timing: fufu, kenderkin88, jewellangela
QC: hijacked& fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 13
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, Sami, sullema)
Translations: FrozenSkye, carinelay, snarkastic, momo
Timing: thaominh & ViewMD
QC: faithz17, winny, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 14
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire 1: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 | Mediafire 2: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema, Lan Ayath)
Translations: xinhui8810, carinelay, ethidda, madelinepoh
Timing: carinelay & thaominh
QC: Zahra & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 15 (Final)
Torrent | Megaupload | Mediafire 1: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 + 005 | Mediafire 2: 001 + 002 + 003 + 004 + 005 + 006 (use hjsplit to merge)
(UL by Zahra, AkumaX, sullema, Lan Ayath )
Translations: snarkastic, raen, carinelay, FrozenSkye, faithz17
Timing: AkumaX & thaominh
QC: Zahra, purplexx, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Chinese New Year Special
Torrent | Megaupload: Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 (winrar all three parts together)
(UL by Akumax, madelinepoh)
Translations: ethidda, yeuannh, madelinepoh, Tweedyy, ptaele, carinelay
Timing & Typesetting: carinelay
QC: raen, madelinepoh
Encoding: AkumaX


Smiling Pasta's episode 11 subs released!

>> Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Episode 11 subtitles: get it here

WOW! We've finally released episode 11 subs. Sorry that it took long. We really couldn't help it. I've lost track of how many switches we've had in subbing episode 11. Please give a big thank you to mmitsjojo, hijacked, and galaxie for filling in and completing this episode.

Episode 12 progress:

I really can't promise when this will be done. A quarter of this episode is still left untranslated, but rest assured, I'm planning to complete it myself. It's been quite hard to track down some of our subbers. I think a lot of people are getting busy with final school projects and work. No worries, Smiling Pasta will be completed.


Smiling Pasta's episode 10 subs released

>> Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Smiling Pasta's episode 10 subtitles: get it here

Note that the subs for episodes 1-9 have been repacked. Some modifications in character names, flashbacks and recurrent phrases were made, but no changes were made on timing (read release post for details). I recommand re-downloading the subs for episodes 1-9 if you're planning to keep the series.

Expect delays on episodes 11-13 subs due to school and work.

Silence episode 1-2 re-encoded: get it here

These were re-encoded with the same font style as episode 3 subs.


Silence episode 3 hardsubs RELEASED!

>> Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Get it here!

Please note that the font setting has been changed in episode 3. Episode 1 & 2 will be re-encoded. I don't know whether I should put episodes 1 & 2 on torrent or I should just put them on DDLs...

Here's a screencap of episode 3.


Smiling Pasta's episode 9 subs RELEASED!

>> Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Get it here!

Now that you've all watched episode 8...

Episode 8 was just badly executed (in my opinion...hahaha). It didn't make sense to me that Xiao Shi would be stupid enough to go into the washroom after your bully tells you to do so. I think it would've made more sense if they said that Liang Liang & gang went to find Xiao Shi and just drag her into the washroom by force. I guess they wanted the "hero saves the girl" storyline in episode 8, but that was just badly done -_-;;



>> Sunday, October 15, 2006

We're stuck on episodes 11 & 12 for Smiling Pasta because a translator just dropped out and left us 4 empty slots to fill. Although new and existing translators have been asked to help fill in these parts, it will take us another few weeks to receive the complete set of translators for these episodes.

Testing subtitles position for Silence:

Since I don't have a widescreen TV, please test this sample video and let me know if this is a good setting for the subtitles. I know everyone with a DivX player just want to burn these straight out to DVD without re-converting it to mpeg to make DVD-videos, so let's get this right.

(I don't want to start encoding and re-encoding episodes 1 to 3 until I get a confirmation that this is the right setting to use.)

Someone mentioned that the subs on Vic's MV was cut off on the screen. It would be nice if someone can provide an image showing me how much of the subs were cut off on the left and right side. Thanks.

If you're making DVD-videos, you can add a border on the video while converting to mpeg. This can prevent the subs from getting cut off on screen (overscan). As for what size the border should'll have to test this out yourself.


Smiling Pasta episode 8 subs released!

>> Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Subs for episode 8 has been released :)

click here

Expect some delays on upcoming episodes.


Smiling Pasta episode 7 subs RELEASED!

>> Tuesday, October 03, 2006

D-addicts is finally back online!

Subs for episode 7 are now posted on d-addicts:


Silence episode 2 Eng. hardsub released!

>> Saturday, September 30, 2006

Special thanks to jacjac for doing a final check :)

Torrent released on d-addicts: click here

Episode 2 is batched with 2 MVs, which are "Quietly" and "Familiar Gentleness" (the opening and ending theme songs sung by Harlem Yu and Vic Zhou).

I didn't really do a thorough check after I hardsubbed the files, so I hope they're okay...hehehe...and sorry for the slow seeding because my internet connection is slow, but others will help seed the file a bit later.


Busy, busy, busy...

>> Thursday, September 28, 2006

QC'ers are currently swamped with school projects, tests, and work, but rest assure, QC'ing will resume once we get through all of these.  I'm relief that I've finally completed my assignment (not very well written...but oh well!) that's due today and will finish off QC'ing episode 9Episode 7 QC'er will return in about a week.   Episode 8 QC'er is working on the translations bit-by-bit. Episode 10 translations have not been completed (QC'er on stand-by).  Fufu will start following up on episode 10 translations if translators still don't show up after episode 9 has been QC'ed.

Silence coordinator is studying for exams -- Date of return: unknown.  Regrettably, this project will have to be on hold until the coordinator returns.  I'm sorry to say that I have no interest in substituting for this project.

I know there's been a lot of concerns about the QC process.  It has also become the center of discussion in SUBlimes, but it's a process that we just can't go any faster than we are right now.  Our QC process is split into 2 phases:

1st phase - correcting translations & filling in missing lines/blanks
2nd phase - maintain translation consistency & tweaking timing/retiming

We've become much more efficient in translating and timing after implementing the new system of splitting the episode into 4 parts, but it has also increased the number of mistakes.  It's a give and take situation.

More people with shorter tasks = quicker completion = more inconsistency, but easier to find substitutes.

Obviously, if there's a good combo of translators and timers on an episode, the QC process would be a breeze! hahahaha....

Thankyou for everyone's patience :)


Smiling Pasta ep. 6 RELEASED!

>> Friday, September 22, 2006

Click here

~Xiao Shi's "Safe Kiss"~

This episode was alright. It starts to show signs of He Qun falling in love with Xiao Shi...hehehe...

Smiling Pasta would've been a great series if they cut out the silliness. The base storyline is there, but only they're having trouble executing it. Alright, I won't spoil episode 8 for ya, but if you've watched it, you probably know what I mean...hahaha....


YDY's episode 10 of Smiling Pasta :(

>> Thursday, September 21, 2006

I just watched episode 10 of Smiling Pasta with the YDY version and found out that their version had some video glitches and it skipped every now and then (bad blocks at the 1hr mark). Awwwww....I really don't like ICEFISH's over-blasted audio, but we'll be syncing the subs for episode 10 to ICEFISH's version. I'm not sure how many people have downloaded the YDY version...but if there's a lot, I'll consider resyncing the subs to the YDY version as well.

Click here to download ICEFISH's version (BT)

Episode 6 QC progress

Very close to the finish line...but stuck on a few Chinese idioms, which I will consult my PA about it. Release probably won't make it tomorrow...I mean "tonight" (hahaha) since I'm having a long school day.

Episode 7 and beyond...

Expect delays. I haven't heard back from my QC'er on episode 7 yet, but I know she's working on it. We've been playing "musical chairs" at SUBlimes (yikes!). A lot of subbers have been dropping out while others were asked to fill in. We've had more than 5 switches in the past 3 days. I like to say thanks to all the subbers who has been filling in for others :) Hopefully some of our subbers will return after everything with school is settled.


183 Club Interview on KK Gang

>> Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dry your tears

Forget and there'll be more beautiful things in your vision

Look what's in front of you

I'm your absolute complete

I'll take you through the finish line for happiness

What you want is a sunny day

I'll give you one umbrella ("183")~

Here's something to watch while you're waiting for Smiling Pasta (hehehe...)

Special thanks to my "PA" for providing and translating this 183 Club interview on KK Gang :)

Video download: [part 1] [part 2] [torrent]

Subtitles: download

How do 183 Club members spend their Valentine's Day?

What was the most romantic thing that 183 Club members had done before?

Who got dumped on Valentine's Day?

Watch the show to find out!

Translation notes:

The "Seventh" Valentine's Day they're referring to on this show is the one on the 7th month, 7th day, of the Lunar Calendar (七夕 情人節).

fufu's PA notes that the show's content is rated AA, but the subs have been toned down to PG-13 So if you get it, then you get it. If you don' don't...hahahaha....

PA also recommends watching the video twice. Focus on reading the subs the first time and then watch again for their facial expressions .

183 Club - "One Umbrella" MV

Click here to download

P.S. You're lucky that fufu's PA is an 183 Club fan :P


Irregular releases

>> Sunday, September 10, 2006

Please understand that sub releases will be slow and irregular due to school, work, and LIFE! SO...


Irregular releases

若不滿意, 請勿使用

If unsatisfied, please do not use

It boggles my mind when I see how people can go all out and express their anger at us so explicitly -_-;;

Why does SUBlimes seem so inactive lately?

Part of the reason: school and work.

Main reason: our core members have been fansubbing non-stop since last year. From It Started With a Kiss to Green Forest, to The Magicians of Love, and now Smiling Pasta. Some of our members are also part of other fansubbing groups (and are even subbing Korean dramas). Simply put, some of us just needs a break to recover our energy.


Smiling Pasta episode 4 sub released!

>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I couldn't update my 1st post in the subtitle thread in d-addicts. I'll try again tomorrow...hahaha...this is why I'm posting on the blog :P Well, there is another point to this post (hmmm...maybe...) Some of you might have noticed that the Silence project hasn't been moving. This is because our Silence coordinator, innerouter2000, needs a break, but will return shortly.

Replying to comments:

Someone asked what is involved in the QC'ing process...

This was discussed in both TMOL and the Smiling Pasta subtitles thread. If you're interested to know more about SUBlimes' QC'ing process, please click here.

About subbing ICEFISH's version...

We will not be syncing our subs to the ICEFISH version UNLESS YDY doesn't release an episode or that there's something terribly wrong with the YDY version. Of course, you can always resync the subs to the ICEFISH version yourself if that's what you've downloaded.

So, what's the difference between ICEFISH's and YDY's version? Although ICEFISH always release their episodes sooner, they have poor video and audio quality. The audio is tolerable if there's only speech in the video, but it is awful when singing or music is involved in the video. Since Smiling Pasta is about an idol singer pursuing his dreams (which means there are many scenes where he sings), the ICEFISH version is NOT recommended.


I KNEW I forgot to mention something....

>> Monday, August 21, 2006


Now that the laughter is out of the way...I was talking to my PA the other day and I said to her that I think I might have forgotten to mention something about Smiling Pasta's episode 3. Immediately, she started to sing, "tou diao, tou diao, tou diao..."


Here's the actual translation note (which will also be updated at d-addicts):

line 1008 | 00:58:35 | "Take it off!..."

This is when Xiao Shi's family starts doing their "cheering" dance for her, wishing her the best at the marathon race. They were actually singing Alex To's song, "Tou Diao" (Take it off). The lyrics goes like this:

Take off your jacket! Take it off! Take off your jacket!

Take off your top! Take it off! Take off your top!

Take off your mask! Take it off!

Take off your demands! Take it off!

Take everything off! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip!

(oh where is innerouter2000's horny emoticon when I need it?)

That's why Xiao Shi was so embarrassed when her family cheered for her on the day of the race. Before the race started, a reporter commented how Ding Feng seems to be a very open school. The reporter's comment was referring to how the school allowed Xiao Shi's family to "cheer". FYI, the song was banned in China.

After Nelly's "It's gettin' hot in herre, so take of all your clothes...", then came Alex To's "tou diao! tou diao! tou diao..."

Alex To "Take it off!" (2004)

download song | download KTV
Get high!

Just in case you're wondering, my PA told me that Alex always stripped his clothes off at press conferences....wahahahahaha....

This translation note was brought to you by fufu's mysterious PA (the music museum) :D
BTW, there is a Christmas version of this song.


Silence episode 1 Hardsubbed RELEASED!!!

>> Sunday, August 20, 2006

WOW! Episode 1 is FINALLY released!!! Please click here for torrent. Clubbox link will be provided later. Special thanks to soutsada7 for encoding. Please note that I did not check the subs on TV before I gave the formatted sub file to soutsada7, so if anyone does burn it and watch it on TV with their divX player, do let me know if the left/right/bottom margins are set wide enough so that the subs are not cut off :)

Happy viewing :D


Smiling Pasta's episode 3 subs are finally released!!!

>> Thursday, August 17, 2006

click here

WOW...after taking a long break and then working on episode 3 bit-by-bit, the subtitles are finally released! Whoo~

This episode took me longer than usual because my energy was drained out after working on the first two episodes of Silence. Nonetheless, innerouter2000 has finally returned from her exams (YAY!) to work on the Silence project...>whew<...

Keep an eye on The Magicians of Love subtitles thread or this site for more 183 Club videos!!


fufu's apology...

>> Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You're all gonna hate me for this, but I'm going to bed right now and will finish the ending of Smiling Pasta's episode 2 for postponing the release for ANOTHER 8-10 hours >.< Purplexx was able to get her computer up and running and finished QC'ing the episode early afternoon of today...yesterday...but I got carried away on chatting with tlina069 about new music albums and took a loooooong break before going back to QC'ing -_-;; The good thing that came out of that unproductive hour(s) long conversation was that I managed to bargain tlina069 into translating a few more parts for Silence by sending her a few classic, hard-to-find, mp3 files....hehehehehe

I also have to apologize again for holding the Silence project back...I'll QC episode 1 as fast as I can! Innerouter2000 even left me a message written in blood on our subbing forum indicating that she's ready to encode (just WAITING for me to finish the subtitles). Sorry, I know...definitely my fault...


Slight delay for "Smiling Pasta"

>> Sunday, August 06, 2006

There'll be a delay in releasing episode 2 of "Smiling Pasta" because purplexx's (our QC'er) computer is experiencing technical difficulties. Please wait patiently, thanks :)

As you can see below, the "Silence" subbing project is going extremely well and releases should come very soon.


"Silence" subbing progress

>> Friday, August 04, 2006

***This project has been dropped ***
This drama will be hardsubbed

Files will be provided on BT at d-addicts and also on creidesca's clubbox

Released Episodes:
Episode 01
Episode 02 + MVs (Harlem Yu's "Quietly" & Vic Zhou's "Familiar Gentleness")
Episode 03


"Smiling Pasta" episode 3...

>> Thursday, August 03, 2006

After a lot of cursing, pwner4once finishes translating his quarter, which completes all translations for episode 3 (yea, he was the last to finish, so I gave him some e-slaps on MSN) :D bumena and xCHELLy will start timing episode 3.

ViewMD is done timing episode 2 and Purplexx will now proceed to QC the translations. Since sunshine is very anxious in watching episode 2, we'll try to QC as quickly as we can...hahahaha...


"Smiling Pasta" episode 2 & 3

>> Tuesday, August 01, 2006

xCHELLy finally finishes timing the 2nd half of episode 2 after 3 hours of struggling (for being distracted by the attractive storyline...hehehe). Thaominh relieves xCHELLy by timing the preview for her, so don't worry, episode 2 will not be without its preview! ViewMD is in the process of timing the first half.

snarkastic has already finished translating a quarter of episode 3 and bunnyhearts is working on translating her part while the rest of us wait for YDY's HQ release of episode 3.


No, we're not subbing "The Legend of Star Apple"

I don't know why I've been (and also Gi-Ma-Mi) receiving messages, PMs, e-mails with people asking me if SUBlimes will sub "The Legend of Star Apple" (Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan). The answer is no, we are not going to sub "The Legend of Star Apple". We have never taken this drama into consideration for subbing. If you check our fansub wiki, we do have plans to sub "Hana Kimi" as our future project. Sorry, but we are not die hard fans of Ming Dao or 183 Club. Our subbing projects are decided purely upon our interests in watching them (the story, the acting, possibly the actors) and having enough subbers that are willing to participate in the project.


Music [box]

>> Monday, July 31, 2006

Click the following link below to open download page. Click on the folder containing the track(s) you want (ie. "current playlist"). Then click on the track you want to download and the direct link will appear on the right column. Due to limited bandwidth, please do not play the tracks via the download page(s). Thanks.

Download page

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Important message

- I do not take requests for songs.

- Songs are subjected to deletion without notice.

- Please do not redistribute.

Are you chinked-out yet?

Last updated: Mar 12, 2009

- Abin - Bad Guy

- Alan Kuo - Love love love

- A-Lin - P.S. I Love You

- Fahrenheit - Silently

- G.E.M. - Where Did U Go

- He Wei Jian (Derrick) - Unclassified

- Harlem Yu - Leaf

- Hsiao Hung Jen - As Long As You're Here

- Jeremy Ji - Spilt Water Can't Be Retrieved 2009

- Leehom & Jane Zhang - Another Heaven

- Renee Chen - Wu

- Will Pan & Jeremy Ji - The Same Regret

- Zhuo Yi Feng - What's the matter with this

Some tracks are taken out of the current playlist, but they can be found in their respective categories.

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Smiling Pasta episode 1 DONE & episode 2...

>> Sunday, July 30, 2006

FINALLY...episode 1 of Smiling Pasta is done!! We got a bit disorganized...hahaha....but we managed to pull ourselves together to complete this episode. Episode 2 still has a long way to go (hahaha....sorry). All translations for episode 2 are done and ViewMD & xCHELLy are currently in the process of timing. Purplexx will QC the episode as soon as the timing is done.

We are currently looking for more translators and timers for Silence, so if you are interested, please PM me (fufu) or innerouter2000 @ if you're interested :D


"Smiling Pasta" subbing progress

>> Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Smiling Pasta is available through: Torrent | Youtube | Direct downloads (on this page)

Can I redistribute your files? (click to read)

Subtitle files
--Please download from release thread: warp to post
(.srt files, raw downloads are not provided)

Episodes 1-15 Complete Torrent

Episode 1

Translations: SnowStop, Katie3856, snarkastic
Song lyrics: fufu
Timing: Gi-Ma-Mi + thaominh
Spot Translations: innerouter2000
QC: sillypanda114 + fufu

Episode 2

Translations: Katie3856, winny, SnowStop
Timing: ViewMD + xCHELLy
QC: purplexx + fufu

Episode 3

Translations: pwner4once, bunnyhearts, snarkastic, sillypanda114
Timing: bumena, xCHELLy, fufu
QC: fufu

Episode 4

Translations: summers83, Winny, snarkastic, katie3856
Timing: starz, T-$hep, thaominh
QC: sillypanda114, innerouter2000, fufu

Episode 5

Translations: fufu, summers83, snarkastic, bunnyhearts
Timing: Gi-Ma-Mi, GaLaxie
Spot Translations: purplexx
QC: purplexx, fufu

Episode 6

Translations: Xiao Qing, Winny, snarkastic
Timing: Gi-Ma-Mi & thaominh
QC: sweetie & fufu

Episode 7

Translations: hijacked, xxsarahhoangerz, bobo, summers83
Timing: sunshine4ever, thaominh
Spot Translations: sillypanda114
QC: sillypanda114, fufu

Episode 8

Translations: chiachitso, illUSi0NSHAD0W, summers83, bobo
Timing: milleu87, thaominh, galaxie
QC: purplexx & fufu

Episode 9

Translations: fufu's PA, summers83, sweetie
Timing: alexis_glenriv & Gi-Ma-Mi
QC: fufu

Episode 10

Translations: hijacked, fufu & PA
Timing: thaominh
QC: sweetie & fufu

Episode 11

Translations: fufu, mmitsjojo, hijacked
Timing: viewMD & galaxie
QC: hijacked & fufu

Episode 12

Translations: SnowStop, yeuannh, hijacked, snarkastic
Timing: thaominh & starz
QC: purplexx & fufu

Episode 13

Translations: faithz17 & hijacked
Timing: sunshine4ever & thaominh
QC: fufu

Episode 14

Translations: aliechan, hijacked, faithz17, winny
Timing: thaominh & xCHELLy
QC: sweetie & fufu

Episode 15

Translations: xiaojade, fufu, faithz17, jacjac
Timing: sunshine4ever & thaominh
QC: sillypanda114 & fufu

Episode 16

Translations: yochimu & xiaojade
Timing: kenderkin88 & alexis_glenriv
QC: raen & fufu

Episode 17

Translations: woorbi, hijacked, faithz17
Timing: thaominh & galaxie
QC: sweetie, sillypanda114, fufu


Subbing "Smiling Pasta" instead of "Marry Me!"

>> Monday, July 24, 2006

Why?...>sigh<...a week before "Marry Me!" started broadcasting, Gi-Ma-Mi already messaged me about subbing "Smiling Pasta". I insisted on waiting till "Marry Me!" comes out first, while Gi-Ma-Mi confidently said to me that I'll DEFINITELY take "Smiling Pasta" in the end. She was right...

I was truely disappointed after watching the first episode of "Marry Me!" It seems to be filmed in very low production as it uses a lot of hand held motion. The audio also sounded like it was recorded straight from the video camera. I know, I'm spoiled with the high production dramas, so I just can't put myself through a low one.

"Smiling Pasta" is the THIRD (wow!) SETTV drama that I will be subbing (first was Green Forest, the second was Magicians of Love). I remembered someone asking me if I was a sweety fan because I happened to have subbed two dramas starring members of sweety (Yan Yan in GF and Qiao Qiao in TMOL). But no, I'm definitely not a sweety fan. I'm actually a SETTV fan...hahahahaha. I like SETTV dramas. I admit, they're a bit cheesy at times, but they always have a good melodramatic plot to it (I like...).


Frequently Asked Questions

>> Sunday, July 23, 2006

Can you sub [insert drama name]?
No, SUBlimes does not accept requests to sub any dramas.

How do I view .srt files with .rmvb files?
Real Alternative Method::
You MUST install Real Alternative (which is a codec that lets you play real media files without real media player). Media Player Classic (MPC) comes with Real Alternative when you install it. Open MPC, drag the .rmvb file into the player, then drag the .srt file into the player right after.
If subtitles are not showing, try the following settings-
1. Go to View > Options, under "Playback", click on "Output".
2. In "DirectShow Video", select "VMR9 (renderless)".
3. Try loading the video and subtitles file again.
Other alternatives:
If you don't like MPC, you can also try other players such as GOMplayer, BSplayer, KMPlayer...etc. If you want to play the subs straight from your Windows Media Player, you can install the CCCP pack, or K-Lite Codec Pack + VobSub.

How do I watch .mp4 files?
The easiest way to go about it is to install the CCCP filter pack or K-Lite Codec Pack and then use your favorite media player to play the file. We recommend using GOMplayer or VLC player to play the files.
If you do not want to install the CCCP filter pack, then you can manually install ffdshow and Haali's Matroska Splitter yourself. These will allow you to decode H.264 videos and play .mp4 files.
If you're on a MAC, you should be able to play these files straight out from your QuickTime player (this will also work on Windows using QuickTime 7.1+). You can also consider using MPlayer for OSX.
The video plays, but it lags. What should I do?
If you experience lag, it means that your computer is not well equipped to play x264 files. You may need to upgrade your computer in order to play these files.
**Some people found that playing H.264 files in BSplayer may also lag, so if you are using this player, you might want to try a different one.
Will these files work on my DivX player?
Unfortunately, no. Hana Kimi is encoded with the H.264 codec that is incompatible with DivX players on the market thus far.
Then why did you encoded the files with this codec?
The codec is efficient and produces very nice quality videos at low bitrates. The file size would have needed to be doubled to produce the same quality if we used the XviD codec. 

What is the difference between "hardsubs" and "softsubs"?
Hardsubs are videos with embeded subtitles. Subtitles are directly encoded onto the video so that they cannot be separated (subtitles become part of the video image). As a result, translations in hardsub files cannot be modified.
Softsubs are subtitles that come in a small text file. Special softwares (or players) are required to play these softsubs together with the video. Translations and/or timing can be easily modified in softsubs.

Can I redistribute your files?
(Fansubs include softsubs and hardsubbed files, and video broadcasting sites include but not limited to: youtube, veoh, etc.)
Do not sell our fansubs (ie. charging for downloads, auctioning on eBay).Please do not alter our fansub work (altering includes: editing our subs or cutting short excepts of our videos and reposting them).
Please do not "borrow" our fansub work without permission (borrowing includes: using and/or copying a portion of our translations and using them as your own).
If you redistribute our hardsubbed files, please credit SUBlimes and post a link back to our blog or the d-addicts forum.
If you want to post the softsubs elsewhere, you can directly use the subtitles download links posted at d-addicts, such as:
Please DO NOT hardsub our subtitles and redistribute them without permission.
For hardsubbed files, please DO NOT re-encode and add any type of logo onto them. Please redistribute the file as is.

They will be further refined if necessary.

Why is it taking so long to sub one episode???
The first thing is that we all have lives outside of subbing.
  An episode depending on a drama will never take the same amount of time as another. SUBlimes aims for quality -- and you should never rush quality. ;)

Can you send me the .srt files for [insert drama name]?
Unless the softsubs have already been released during the drama's regular release period, we will not release the .srt/softsub files. If you would like to translate our subs into another language, please feel free to translate from our hardsubbed videos.



If you're interested in joining us, please contact me at sublimesfansubs [AT] :)
Please note that I will only reply messages when we are in need. Sorry if it feels like I'm ignoring your messages (very sorry).
SUBlimes' subbing positions
status: not recruiting.
- Translates from Chinese to English
status: not recruiting.
- Uses subtitling software to time translations to video
status: never recruited.
- Found within group of translators
- Must be fluent in both Chinese and English
- Edits translations for better flow
- Corrects mistakes in translations
status: not recruiting.
- Encodes subtitles to video into X264 format


About SUBlimes...

SUBlimes is one of the first Taiwanese Idol Dramas fansubbing groups formed on d-addicts. The group was found in April 2006, by fufu and innerouter2000. Its very first group of members were from subbers of It Started With A Kiss and Green Forest, My Home. SUBlimes completed its first project, The Magicians of Love, in August 2006. From then on, SUBlimes has been bringing you subtitles to popular Taiwanese Idol Dramas.

SUBlimes' extensions
- July 2006: SUBlimes starts blogging
- November 2006: Hana Kimi, the first hardsubbed project
- January 2007: SUBlimes launches its youtube series channel
- December 2008: SUBlimes' youtube variety channel created
- November 2009: SUBlimes gets a domain:


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