Summer's Desire Episode 4 is RDY!!!!

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Summer's Desire Episode 3...

>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...but where's mline?! 
Our one and only timer, mline (madelinepoh)'s computer broke down just before translations were completed!  The computer is sent out for repair and won't be back until two weeks there might be delays on upcoming episodes (because I'm too lazy to find another speed timer with accurate timing).

A-N-Y-W-A-Y, the release that you've been looking for:

Translation notes

In this episode, Zhen En calls Xia Mo her "Bo Le" as she receives a promotion to be Xia Mo's manager (remember she was looking for a "Bo Le" in the previous episode).  Anyway, I scrapped a translation note in order to save you and me from reading/writing a long text on screen.

We wrote on line 164 (14:19), "I will do my best for you until the end!" but that was actually not the exact words Zhen En said. Instead, her words were (roughly), "I, the 'horse', will run with all my might."  This is in reference to Bo Le.  Bo Le is an actual person (a legend) from the Tang Dynasty that has the ability to pick out the best horse among hundreds.  He went on a trip to find the King the best horse that could run a long distance each day.  At the time, Bo Le picked a skinny horse that didn't even have enough strength to pull a carriage, but he assured the King that the horse would do well in the battlefield and be able to endure running long distances.  Long story short, Bo Le was right - the horse helped the King win many battles.

So anyway, Zhen En referred herself as "the horse" and simply indicated that she would work hard so that Xia Mo's (her Bo Le) efforts of recognizing her talent would not go to waste.


Summer's Desire Episode 2!!

>> Wednesday, June 09, 2010

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Celebrations and stuffs

>> Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thank you for welcoming us back <3
Before I forget...

NEW layout!
Thank you Zahra for making this nice new layout and got it up and running just in time for the release of Summer's Desire episode 1.  You'll notice improved speed of loading!  Yay!

SUBlimes' 4th Birthday!
OMG....we totally missed it (haha).  Yes, SUBlimes turned four in April.

A new subbing project!
We never plan for these things.  As Paula noted in his release page, we decided to sub Summer's Desire through our Magic 8-Ball Selection Process (HARHAR).

However, we will not pick up a second drama to sub.

We setup a (somewhat) official Fan Page on Facebook (finally!)
It had been set up a while ago, but we never really got around to filling it up with info/descriptions.
"Fan" or "Like" (whatever it is nowadays...) us anyway! :D
SUBlimes Fansubs Facebook Page

Apparently we're tech-savvy to the point of setting up a twitter also -- YAY!

Peter Ho gets ready to release an album?  Huang Xiao Ming's dating HK model Angelababy?  It was Barbie Hsu herself singing in Summer's Desire?!

Back in November of last year, we decided to launch this test project out of boredom to blog about things we like reading in the entertainment section.  I would like to thank the avid SUBlimes viewers that hopped over and also showed their support for CpopAccess even at its early stages <3   

In case you haven't visited CpopAccess before, we occasionally do recaps of variety with subs AND...provide subbed MVs.  So you might wanna check those out *wink*


Summer's Desire EPISODE 1

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We thought it was time to sub another drama, so here we are.

(mind goes blank after subbing first episode)

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