Silence episode 2 Eng. hardsub released!

>> Saturday, September 30, 2006

Special thanks to jacjac for doing a final check :)

Torrent released on d-addicts: click here

Episode 2 is batched with 2 MVs, which are "Quietly" and "Familiar Gentleness" (the opening and ending theme songs sung by Harlem Yu and Vic Zhou).

I didn't really do a thorough check after I hardsubbed the files, so I hope they're okay...hehehe...and sorry for the slow seeding because my internet connection is slow, but others will help seed the file a bit later.


Busy, busy, busy...

>> Thursday, September 28, 2006

QC'ers are currently swamped with school projects, tests, and work, but rest assure, QC'ing will resume once we get through all of these.  I'm relief that I've finally completed my assignment (not very well written...but oh well!) that's due today and will finish off QC'ing episode 9Episode 7 QC'er will return in about a week.   Episode 8 QC'er is working on the translations bit-by-bit. Episode 10 translations have not been completed (QC'er on stand-by).  Fufu will start following up on episode 10 translations if translators still don't show up after episode 9 has been QC'ed.

Silence coordinator is studying for exams -- Date of return: unknown.  Regrettably, this project will have to be on hold until the coordinator returns.  I'm sorry to say that I have no interest in substituting for this project.

I know there's been a lot of concerns about the QC process.  It has also become the center of discussion in SUBlimes, but it's a process that we just can't go any faster than we are right now.  Our QC process is split into 2 phases:

1st phase - correcting translations & filling in missing lines/blanks
2nd phase - maintain translation consistency & tweaking timing/retiming

We've become much more efficient in translating and timing after implementing the new system of splitting the episode into 4 parts, but it has also increased the number of mistakes.  It's a give and take situation.

More people with shorter tasks = quicker completion = more inconsistency, but easier to find substitutes.

Obviously, if there's a good combo of translators and timers on an episode, the QC process would be a breeze! hahahaha....

Thankyou for everyone's patience :)


Smiling Pasta ep. 6 RELEASED!

>> Friday, September 22, 2006

Click here

~Xiao Shi's "Safe Kiss"~

This episode was alright. It starts to show signs of He Qun falling in love with Xiao Shi...hehehe...

Smiling Pasta would've been a great series if they cut out the silliness. The base storyline is there, but only they're having trouble executing it. Alright, I won't spoil episode 8 for ya, but if you've watched it, you probably know what I mean...hahaha....


YDY's episode 10 of Smiling Pasta :(

>> Thursday, September 21, 2006

I just watched episode 10 of Smiling Pasta with the YDY version and found out that their version had some video glitches and it skipped every now and then (bad blocks at the 1hr mark). Awwwww....I really don't like ICEFISH's over-blasted audio, but we'll be syncing the subs for episode 10 to ICEFISH's version. I'm not sure how many people have downloaded the YDY version...but if there's a lot, I'll consider resyncing the subs to the YDY version as well.

Click here to download ICEFISH's version (BT)

Episode 6 QC progress

Very close to the finish line...but stuck on a few Chinese idioms, which I will consult my PA about it. Release probably won't make it tomorrow...I mean "tonight" (hahaha) since I'm having a long school day.

Episode 7 and beyond...

Expect delays. I haven't heard back from my QC'er on episode 7 yet, but I know she's working on it. We've been playing "musical chairs" at SUBlimes (yikes!). A lot of subbers have been dropping out while others were asked to fill in. We've had more than 5 switches in the past 3 days. I like to say thanks to all the subbers who has been filling in for others :) Hopefully some of our subbers will return after everything with school is settled.


183 Club Interview on KK Gang

>> Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dry your tears

Forget and there'll be more beautiful things in your vision

Look what's in front of you

I'm your absolute complete

I'll take you through the finish line for happiness

What you want is a sunny day

I'll give you one umbrella ("183")~

Here's something to watch while you're waiting for Smiling Pasta (hehehe...)

Special thanks to my "PA" for providing and translating this 183 Club interview on KK Gang :)

Video download: [part 1] [part 2] [torrent]

Subtitles: download

How do 183 Club members spend their Valentine's Day?

What was the most romantic thing that 183 Club members had done before?

Who got dumped on Valentine's Day?

Watch the show to find out!

Translation notes:

The "Seventh" Valentine's Day they're referring to on this show is the one on the 7th month, 7th day, of the Lunar Calendar (七夕 情人節).

fufu's PA notes that the show's content is rated AA, but the subs have been toned down to PG-13 So if you get it, then you get it. If you don' don't...hahahaha....

PA also recommends watching the video twice. Focus on reading the subs the first time and then watch again for their facial expressions .

183 Club - "One Umbrella" MV

Click here to download

P.S. You're lucky that fufu's PA is an 183 Club fan :P


Irregular releases

>> Sunday, September 10, 2006

Please understand that sub releases will be slow and irregular due to school, work, and LIFE! SO...


Irregular releases

若不滿意, 請勿使用

If unsatisfied, please do not use

It boggles my mind when I see how people can go all out and express their anger at us so explicitly -_-;;

Why does SUBlimes seem so inactive lately?

Part of the reason: school and work.

Main reason: our core members have been fansubbing non-stop since last year. From It Started With a Kiss to Green Forest, to The Magicians of Love, and now Smiling Pasta. Some of our members are also part of other fansubbing groups (and are even subbing Korean dramas). Simply put, some of us just needs a break to recover our energy.


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