My Lucky Star Hardsubs episode 5

>> Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Hanaaaa Keemeeee FINAL episode hardsubs RELEASED!

>> Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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WOW! We have finally come to the END of the series. We hope that you have enjoyed the series :)

The "ta" I want to clarify:

Repeat after me: ta, ta, ta, ta, ta!...TA DA!

Throughout Hana Kimi, the second "ta"(her) was not used to distinguish between a guy and a girl. A lot of our subbers were quite confused as to whether they should translate "ta" to "him" or "her" when referring to Rui Xi (Ella). In case our QC'ers have missed any "ta's" in the series, most of the characters EXCEPT Wu Zun, has been referring Rui Xi as "him", unless they have found out her identity.

The third "ta" is used for Yu Ci Lang (awww...) The 4th "ta" refers to all non-living things like tables and chairs. The 5th "ta" is used when we talk about God(s), Goddesses, and spirits.

Class dismissed!


Corner With Love...?

There are many reasons why Corner With Love has been put on hold, but the main reason is without a doubt, the rude comments that we have been receiving regarding this project. We look at the posts, and the worst kind of comments come from Corner With Love users. I understand that not all of you are the ones posting rude comments, and I appreciate your patience. However, they have indeed gone beyond what I think is acceptable, so I have chosen to put it at the bottom of my priority list.

I think many people have forgotten that SUBlimes is a FAN of Taiwanese dramas. It just happens that our interest have coincided with yours and that you have decided to come here to discuss about our sharing interest together. Like any other fan site, you wouldn't ask the webmaster to shut down their site just because someone else had already created one for the same idol (or that the idol has an official website). The completion of any subtitled episode of a drama series is FAN WORK. Although we are providing a service, we are also showcasing our fan work. If we must restrict ourselves to only showcase "certain" fan work, then SUBlimes will lose its purpose.

Now, if there are no more further complaints, I would also like to resume the project and enjoy subbing it.

Zahra Says

Zahra would also like to clarify that all dramas subbed by SUBlimes are chosen by the team members. Also, she is not responsible for release dates of any of the dramas. Her personal opinions on the dramas (even though she enjoys all of them) does not affect the speed of the subbing especially since she does not sub all episodes nor even most of them. She is here to answer questions posed by viewers, try not to test her patience.

And lastly thank you to all the viewers who have waited patiently and supported SUBlimes' Hana Kimi releases!


Hana Kimi episode 14 hardsubs RELEASED

>> Sunday, June 10, 2007

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We are so close to the end!!

Here's that "chance chance" song that they were singing in the Behind The Scenes part of the episode: download me (by Show)


My Lucky Star Episode 4 Released!!

>> Thursday, June 07, 2007

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And it's another SUBlimes release!

Let's cross our fingers and hope that our encoder doesn't disconnect this time! =D


A fumo one too...ooooo....

fufu says...

If anyone wants the "Ai Mei" song that Ah Xing was singing which she was bathing, here it is: download me


Addressing some recurring issues

>> Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The issue with "seeding"

It TAKES A LONGER TIME for our encoder to UPLOAD TO A DDL server THAN TO DO INITIAL SEEDING FOR EVERYONE! (check the definition for "super-seed" if you need to)

So he got disconnected for the last two seeding. That wasn't our encoder/seeder's fault. I finished the subs late and it was his bed time by the time we released it. We cannot and must not ask our seeder to STAY up overnight just to make sure that he is connected to the tracker AT ALL TIMES. Anyway, I guess we were just too eager to share the release with everyone as soon as possible. We will consider holding the release back a day to ensure a more stable connection.


Anyway, due to the massive amount of messages we were receiving every day asking us to add you, him, her, it to our "friends" list, our inbox has now been disabled for non-contacts. You DO NOT need to leave us comments/messages to request to be added onto our list. You will simply be added when we get to your invitation. PLEASE READ OUR CHANNEL INFO before you message us.

How to download/play file

D-addicts has a megaFAQ page for tutorials on how to download from torrents. Please read it. We have a FAQ page at our blog (and on every release post at d-addicts) on how to play our X264 encodes. Please read it.

What is so hard about quality control?

From Zahra...


Perhaps it is sometimes having to change every other line in the translations.

Perhaps it is sometimes having to change every other timing.

Perhaps there are idioms that make perfect sense in Chinese while you can spend an hour searching and still not figure out an English translation that makes sense without a million lines of Translation Notes.

Perhaps sometimes QCing takes longer than all other process combined due to having to look up phrases/uncommon words/Taiwanese slang so that viewers can understand exactly what they mean.

Perhaps we all have lives outside of subbing.

Perhaps we should produce subpar subs so that we don't take so long.

Perhaps we should take the subbing process off just like CWL to stop questions.

Perhaps I should go back to QCing...

AkumaX says:

This is my angry face! Stupid comments make me :|


We are NUMBA ONE! (Again)

>> Monday, June 04, 2007

Anyway, we've made it onto the number one spot again on the Top 10 Torrents requiring seeding chart at d-addicts. Our seeder has gotten disconnected again and will not be able to come back until 6pm PST. Please be patient and the torrent will eventually be completed. We are sorry that there is no other means of spreading this file because no one else in SUBlimes has a copy of this file.

Sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused.

Wow, looks like everyone got lucky. Our seeder has managed to get connected to the tracker again!


Hana Kimeeeee episode 13 Hardsubs RELEASED!

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Okay, since SUBmarines have just released their first episode and project, my Hana Kimeeee post is forced to give way to their release post (that's why, you're seeing this post BEHIND their release post even when I've made this post a lot later than theirs...hahahaha)

Please note that the Hana Kimi "quick link" at the top has been taken off, but you can access the Hana Kimi project page through the "projects" link, or through this direct link: Hana Kimi's Subbing Project Page

Hope you'll enjoy the show!


Videos Removed PLEASE!

>> Friday, June 01, 2007

Thank you Crunchyroll for removing our videos. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sorry we couldn't reach a mutual conclusion.

We would like to ask for the video broadcasting site crunchyroll to please remove all SUBlimes subbed videos. This includes both our hardsubbed and SR hardsubbed videos of our softsubs and concerns the following series:

Corner With Love

Magicians of Love

My Lucky Star

Smiling Pasta

(We also hope that our future projects will not appear on there either)

Crunchyroll is undoubtly a multifunctional site where users not only upload videos, they also download them with a "donation."

Due to the "donation" factor which involves monetary transactions for video downloads when they can be downloaded for FREE, we do not want our videos to be distributed on there. SUBlimes just wants to produce quality subs and distribute our work to the public in a free-of-charge manner.

As this is the 4th time SUBlimes has had to deal with this matter, we sincerely hope that there will not be another time. If that is the case, we will be requesting more than just those four series to be removed.

Until all videos named above are removed from crunchyroll, SUBlimes will not be releasing another video. We ask crunchyroll to please respect SUBlimes' wishes and remove the videos as soon as possible.


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