I wanna know~ Ni Xing Bu Xing...You gonna know~ Wo Shi Guan Jun

>> Friday, January 26, 2007

Whoo~ I didn't know there were people actually listening to the music player (hahahaha...) Or maybe only a few of our subbers do. Anyway, I've re-uploaded some of the old ones and added others.

SO MANY artists released an album this past year...too many. I can't digest it all. I guess you guys don't have a choice, you'll only be able to sample the artists that I listen to :P Hightlights....

Tank - No Other But You: From Tank's new album. Composed by Tank, and was originally sung by Ariel Lin. Check out his new album if you like it because it comes with a free DVD and the pre-order comes with an addition of 4 demo tracks. The DVD is a recording of his free concert he did in 2006. It was funny when Fahrenheit came on...hahaha...they were so bad that it was funny (even Tank had to giggle when they sang).

Elva - L.o.V.e & Honey Honey Honey: WOW! After being "frozen" for 1087 days (that's her album name btw), Elva makes a come back. Honey Honey Honey is composed by the gorgeous Leehom Ge! Elva liked it so much that she decided to write the lyrics herself.

Alan Luo (a.k.a SHOW, Xiao Zhu) - Top Dancing & Lucky Hunter: Show's fame has skyrocketed this year with his very SPESHOW album. If you still don't know who he is, you better know now...hahaha... Lucky Hunter is composed by Gary Cao... 1,2,3,4,5,6~

Gary Cao - Superwoman: Like Tank, Gary is a new artist of 2006 (from Malaysia). At a singing contest that Leehom attended as a judge, Gary didn't win first, but Leehom told him that he MUST go on, so here he is. Click here to see his live performance

Kenji Wu - General's Command: Like Show, Kenji's fame suddenly rose to the top (I guess not as famous as Xiao Zhu, but he certainly went from being "known" to "widely known"). One of the most downloaded albums of the year. But uh...he's still very "local" in style...and likes to use props in performances.

And lastly, how can we forget about the first ever Chinese-Korean group Kangta & Vanness!


The CURSE of YDY...

>> Thursday, January 25, 2007

And so just a few days after we decide to go on without YDY and escape its grasp, it pulls us back. Good news for everyone (well...maybe not the timers)! YDY has released Episodes 7-10 of Hana Kimi, so that means that we will continue subbing with the higher quality YDY RAWs. Hopefully they won't pull another one of these on us...

And more news...

If you have been checking the Corner With Love project page, you will see that episode one has been fully translated and timed...so you all know what that means...

If you have been a true fan of Corner With Love, you'll have of course been dying to understand what those songs in the videos say...so...you just might want to visit the SUBlimes youtube channel maybe watch this playlist.

I think I've watched the video about 6 times just to see SHOW =D

And more comments...

* We've made most of the videos on the youtube channel private due to the fact that some users getting frozen. So if you want to watch episodes 2-5 of Hana Kimi, you must friend us. Only the 1st episodes and most recent videos will be made public...though better yet...support us and d-addicts by dling the videos!!

* Also if you would like to help us sub, then click on the Join Us link at the top and follow the directions. We ONLY accept translators and timers. NO editors or QC'ers or another titles you can think of. (Thank you for the offers, but they won't be necessary) If you don't understand the language, then you can still be a timer. But you can only become a QC if the all mighty evil coordinator, fufu, finds you to be exceptional (or capable of chugging out exceptional quality subs) which also means you must understand everything, the whole process (you are able to sub a whole episode by yourself).

As Kenderkin says: "Ohh, YDY.. How we love and hate you at the same time. "


Hana Kimi Episode 6 Hardsub Released!

>> Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Click here to go to download page

I don't know where fufu went...prob to sleep...so I'll just post this up.

The direct links will be up tomorrow morning once I finish getting the file from bt and the youtube videos should be up tomorrow as well courtesy of AkumaX (Remember to support us there!).

Episode 2 version 2 Mediafire direct link is now up at the project page for those of you who asked. I might upload megaupload later if there is still need.

Hana Kimi Subbing Progress

We have decided to continue on with Only Ella RAW version of Hana Kimi so that we will not fall behind. Hopefully a miracle will happen and maybe YDY will release the torrent for 7-10 tomorrow, but that would be a miracle. So expect the quality of the videos to drop a bit from episode 7 on.

Corner With Love Subbing Progress

The CWL page has now been updated and you can find it under projects. YDY has released both episodes 1 and 2 so let us now just pray that they won't stop there and will continue on unlike Hana Kimi.



Hana Kimi Episode 2 Hardsubs VERSION 2

>> Friday, January 19, 2007

Click here to go to torrent download page

We've released a "version 2" for episode 2 because quite a few people were having problems with playing the original release. Again, no sub changes were made. This is a re-encoded version using the same encoding settings as episode 5.


YouTube It!!...and random comments.

For all those viewers who are tired of watching a whole episode on youtube with bad quality and videos cut into 8 parts...

For all those viewers who can't download or don't have enough space on your computer...

SUBlimes YouTube Account has come!

Due to popular demand and the fact that people have been uploading our videos onto sites like youtube without crediting, we have decided to upload the videos ourselves.

Why should you watch from our account?

1. Each episode only has 3 parts with the high quality video (hardly any quality sacrificed).

2. Will be first to upload once each episode comes out.

3. Will include all projects including softsubbed ones (very soon).

4. Support the SUBlimes crew!

You can search for our account on youtube as SUBlimesFansubs or go to http://www.youtube.com/sublimesfansubs.

You can find the Hana Kimi Playlist here.

We're still in the process of uploading so not all videos are up and ready yet, but you should get a head start and subscribe to it!

Zahra's insightful comments to comments:

What programs can you use to watch on a Mac?

As a macbook user myself, I understand the frustration of finding programs that will work with the videos. Somewhere in the comments someone answered that GOMplayer will work. However, to my knowledge, GOMplayer is actually not compatible with Macs. So my suggestion would be to use either VLC or MPlayer. Both support mp4 files and can be used for softsubs(although I have problems with MPlayer playing softsubs). I am not endorsing them and cannot help you if you have problems with the programs, they are just suggestions.

Please stop advertising on our blog.

We try to perfect or at least have subbed videos be the best quality when released which is why it might take us more time to release episodes. Subbing takes a lot of work and we would appreciate it if people didn't advertise for other people on our blog as there are plenty of other places for you to do so.

Thank you to Nhu and faith for helping upload episode 5.

My connection was croaking the other day and my schedule is getting busier so I couldn't upload as fast as usual. So thank you for providing the YSI and MU links so quickly for others. It was really appreciated.

Thank you to those who comment!

Thank you to those viewers who comment either on our blog or at d-addicts when episodes are released. We really appreciated that you are taking the time to say thanks...and it helps keep us going when we know we're helping others. =D

Off to bed and exams!


It's a wrap for the Smiling Pasta Subbing project :)

>> Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whew~ I guess I made it just in time so that we won't have 3 ongoing projects...hahaha...

A BIG thanks to all the subbers who have contributed to this project :D

Click here to download Smiling Pasta's episode 17 subtitles

This marks SUBlimes' 2nd completed project! We hope we can continue to bring you more subbed Taiwanese dramas.


Corner With Love Subbing Project

>> Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hardsubbing YDY's raw files.

Redistribution rule:
Please credit us if you upload elsewhere, and also please DO NOT put any type of logo over the hardsubbed version we release.

If you plan on redistributing, please redistribute the file as is and do not reencode the file. Please also credit SUBLimes when you do so. Help SUBLimes and d-addicts by directing your viewers to our blog and the forum.
You can forward the direct download links anywhere you want (help keep them ALIVE!).

Click here to learn how to play these .mp4 files
Click here for the list of released torrents
Click here to watch these hardsubs on SUBlimes' youtube account

OST: Megaupload (uL by pink1e)

Download the entire batch over @ d-addicts
- http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_60912.htm

Episode 1
Torrent | Megaupload | Sendspace
(UL by Zahra & AkumaX & KenderKin)
Translations: Zahra, Zahra, Zahra, Zahra
Timing: kenderkin88 & thaominh
QC: sillypanda114 & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 2
version 2- Torrent | Megaupload
***note: this version has crisper picture quality than version 1 and it will play in Quick Time Player.
Torrent | Megaupload
(UL by Zahra & AkumaX)
Translations: momo, snarkastic, carinelay, blahzer
Timing: kenderkin88 & sunshine4ever
QC: woorbi, innerouter2000, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 3
Torrent | Megaupload
(UL by Zahra & AkumaX)
Translations: Qmx323 ,carinelay, FrozenSkye, Shireen
Timing: xCHELLy, thaominh
QC: sweetie, innerouter, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 4
Torrent | Megaupload
(UL by Zahra & AkumaX)
Translations: Iris, Iris, Iris, Iris
Timing: Thaominh, Thaominh
QC: Sillypanda114, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 5
Torrent | Megaupload 1 | Megaupload 2
(UL by AkumaX, Madelinepoh, paris)
Translations: carinelay, FrozenSkye, momo, Qmx323
Timing: ViewMD, Hika.chan, carinelay
QC: woorbi, momo, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 6
Torrent | Megaupload
(UL by AkumaX, fufu, madelinepoh)
Translations: cyranoq, FrozenSkye, carinelay, momo
Timing: : ViewMD, ViewMD
QC: sweetie & foofoo
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 7
Torrent | Megaupload
(UL by AkumaX, fufu, madelinepoh)
Translations: Iris, ethidda, ptaele, Shireen
Timing: Carinelay & thaominh
QC: sillypanda114, foofoo
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 8
Translations: momo, ethidda, FrozenSkye
Timing: thaominh, carinelay
QC: hijacked, innerouter2000
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 9
Translations: ethidda, ptaele, FrozenSkye, jay4ella
Timing: sunshine4ever, carinelay, fufu
QC: sweetie, innerouter2000
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 10
Translations: ethidda, Tweedyy, emily9210
Timing: sunshine4ever & thaominh
QC: fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 11
Translations: tlina069, cyranoq, Shireen, Tweedyy
Timing: jewellangela & fufu
QC: sillypanda114 & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 12
Translations: madelinepoh, Tweedyy, ethidda, shireen
Timing: thaominh
QC: madelinepoh & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 13
Translations: blahzer, ethidda, FrozenSkye, jay4ella
Timing: thaominh & sunshine4ever
QC: purplexx & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 14
Translations: madelinepoh, ethidda, fufu, tomemiprozac
Timing: malinear, sunshine4ever, fufu
QC: sweetie & fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 15
Translations: jenlien93, xinhui8810, ethidda, Tweedyy
Timing: carinelay & thaominh
QC: Zahra, purplexx, fufu
Encoding: AkumaX

Episode 16
Translations: Zahra & ethidda
Timing: paula & ethidda
QC: sweetie & fufu
BTS typesetting: ethidda
Encoding: AkumaX


Hana Kimi Episode 5 Hardsubs RELEASED!!!

>> Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Click here to go to download page

We've tested this one on all the players I have, so it should play fine on a PC or MAC!

This question keeps poppinp up, "Did you encode episode X differently?"
The answer is...YES! In fact, episodes 1 to 5 have been encoded differently, but I guess everyone had the most trouble with episode 2. Thus, we have decided to re-encode episode 2 with the SAME settings as episode 5 (if that actually means anything to you...hehehe...) Anyway, no updates were made to the subs for episode 2, so it will be only a re-encoded version.

About Corner With Love...yes, translator is working very hard, but we still haven't found a good quality video to time the translations to. From what I heard, ICEFISH's release of this series has very bad quality video and audio, while YDY has not even started releasing this drama yet (also stalling on Hana Kimi). Anyway, let us know if you've found a good version for us to use :)


Small update

>> Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is just a tiny update to inform everyone that I, Zahra, will be helping out fufu in updating this blog...on the account that fufu claims that I "complain" about her laziness.

So...I've updated the status on Hana Kimi episodes, so that you can all see that we're progressing along nicely. Since the YDY raw versions for episode 7 & 8 have still not come out yet, we are considering other raw releases...which is why timing hasn't started yet for those episodes.

On a side note:

READ THE FAQ before asking questions such as "What is the difference between "hardsubs" and "softsubs"?" and "How do I play the files?" Even by scanning the comments already posted, you'll find answers. Thanx to all those who help answer those questions in comments though ^_^.

Done ranting, back to sleep. =)


D-addicts is down

>> Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Unfortunately, d-addicts went down right AFTER we were done seeding. Since no one can access d-addicts right now, I've uploaded the torrent to sendspace:

Click here to download torrent

Since we know how much you want to WATCH episode 4, Zahra has also uploaded the file to both Megaupload and Mediafire. Hope this will make everyone happy now :)

Oh, and just in case you're wondering which Jolin song the drama referenced to, here's the song:

Click here to download

Have a nice day :D


Updates, updates, updates!

Hana Kimi Episode 4 Hardsubs:

Click here to go to download page

This took us a bit longer to release than we had expected. We ran into some difficulties in the QC process, then a few others while encoding. Nonetheless, we have finally made to release this episode...yay!

fufu's video response:

Click here to learn how to become a Tai Ke

Smiling Pasta progress:

Our QC'er is recovering from her eye infection, so the last episode will be coming out a bit later (hopefully, by the end of this week).

Corner With Love:

Translator has started translating the first episode, but we are waiting to see if YDY will release their version of this drama. We're definitely looking for more translators for this drama. Send me an e-mail if you're interested in helping us out :) (sublimesfansubs@gmail.com)


Smiling Pasta's episode 16 subs RELEASED!

>> Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Click here to warp to download post

Wow, wow, wow! We're so, so, SO CLOSE to the end of this project. By now, you all must think we're a group of insane people who have nothing better to do than to fansub...hahahaha...


Hana Kimi Episode 3 AND a new project?!

>> Monday, January 01, 2007

Hana Kimi episode 3 hardsubs:

Click here to go to download page

The episode looks okay to me, so it should play fine for everybody. As for episode 2, please use GOM player if you need to fast-forward or rewind the episode. If you refuse to use GOM player, you can always re-encode it to something else (please don't ask us HOW...)

A new project in planning:

This should be more or less good news to everyone since it means you might get to watch yet another subbed Taiwan drama...hahaha...

We're definitely thinking about subbing the upcoming drama, "Corner With Love", starring Alan Luo and Barbie. If you're interested in helping us out, drop me an e-mail at sublimesfansubs@gmail.com. IF you've sent me an e-mail before offering help for Hana Kimi, but would ALSO like to help with this project, send me another one ;) (I might not have replied your e-mail yet because we currently have enough subbers for Hana Kimi)

As always, we're looking for translators!! (QC'ers are chosen from translators)

Well, it never hurts to send me another e-mail because I'm VERY forgetful.


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