Smiling Pasta episode 4 sub released!

>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I couldn't update my 1st post in the subtitle thread in d-addicts. I'll try again tomorrow...hahaha...this is why I'm posting on the blog :P Well, there is another point to this post (hmmm...maybe...) Some of you might have noticed that the Silence project hasn't been moving. This is because our Silence coordinator, innerouter2000, needs a break, but will return shortly.

Replying to comments:

Someone asked what is involved in the QC'ing process...

This was discussed in both TMOL and the Smiling Pasta subtitles thread. If you're interested to know more about SUBlimes' QC'ing process, please click here.

About subbing ICEFISH's version...

We will not be syncing our subs to the ICEFISH version UNLESS YDY doesn't release an episode or that there's something terribly wrong with the YDY version. Of course, you can always resync the subs to the ICEFISH version yourself if that's what you've downloaded.

So, what's the difference between ICEFISH's and YDY's version? Although ICEFISH always release their episodes sooner, they have poor video and audio quality. The audio is tolerable if there's only speech in the video, but it is awful when singing or music is involved in the video. Since Smiling Pasta is about an idol singer pursuing his dreams (which means there are many scenes where he sings), the ICEFISH version is NOT recommended.


I KNEW I forgot to mention something....

>> Monday, August 21, 2006


Now that the laughter is out of the way...I was talking to my PA the other day and I said to her that I think I might have forgotten to mention something about Smiling Pasta's episode 3. Immediately, she started to sing, "tou diao, tou diao, tou diao..."


Here's the actual translation note (which will also be updated at d-addicts):

line 1008 | 00:58:35 | "Take it off!..."

This is when Xiao Shi's family starts doing their "cheering" dance for her, wishing her the best at the marathon race. They were actually singing Alex To's song, "Tou Diao" (Take it off). The lyrics goes like this:

Take off your jacket! Take it off! Take off your jacket!

Take off your top! Take it off! Take off your top!

Take off your mask! Take it off!

Take off your demands! Take it off!

Take everything off! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip!

(oh where is innerouter2000's horny emoticon when I need it?)

That's why Xiao Shi was so embarrassed when her family cheered for her on the day of the race. Before the race started, a reporter commented how Ding Feng seems to be a very open school. The reporter's comment was referring to how the school allowed Xiao Shi's family to "cheer". FYI, the song was banned in China.

After Nelly's "It's gettin' hot in herre, so take of all your clothes...", then came Alex To's "tou diao! tou diao! tou diao..."

Alex To "Take it off!" (2004)

download song | download KTV
Get high!

Just in case you're wondering, my PA told me that Alex always stripped his clothes off at press conferences....wahahahahaha....

This translation note was brought to you by fufu's mysterious PA (the music museum) :D
BTW, there is a Christmas version of this song.


Silence episode 1 Hardsubbed RELEASED!!!

>> Sunday, August 20, 2006

WOW! Episode 1 is FINALLY released!!! Please click here for torrent. Clubbox link will be provided later. Special thanks to soutsada7 for encoding. Please note that I did not check the subs on TV before I gave the formatted sub file to soutsada7, so if anyone does burn it and watch it on TV with their divX player, do let me know if the left/right/bottom margins are set wide enough so that the subs are not cut off :)

Happy viewing :D


Smiling Pasta's episode 3 subs are finally released!!!

>> Thursday, August 17, 2006

click here

WOW...after taking a long break and then working on episode 3 bit-by-bit, the subtitles are finally released! Whoo~

This episode took me longer than usual because my energy was drained out after working on the first two episodes of Silence. Nonetheless, innerouter2000 has finally returned from her exams (YAY!) to work on the Silence project...>whew<...

Keep an eye on The Magicians of Love subtitles thread or this site for more 183 Club videos!!


fufu's apology...

>> Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You're all gonna hate me for this, but I'm going to bed right now and will finish the ending of Smiling Pasta's episode 2 for postponing the release for ANOTHER 8-10 hours >.< Purplexx was able to get her computer up and running and finished QC'ing the episode early afternoon of today...yesterday...but I got carried away on chatting with tlina069 about new music albums and took a loooooong break before going back to QC'ing -_-;; The good thing that came out of that unproductive hour(s) long conversation was that I managed to bargain tlina069 into translating a few more parts for Silence by sending her a few classic, hard-to-find, mp3 files....hehehehehe

I also have to apologize again for holding the Silence project back...I'll QC episode 1 as fast as I can! Innerouter2000 even left me a message written in blood on our subbing forum indicating that she's ready to encode (just WAITING for me to finish the subtitles). Sorry, I know...definitely my fault...


Slight delay for "Smiling Pasta"

>> Sunday, August 06, 2006

There'll be a delay in releasing episode 2 of "Smiling Pasta" because purplexx's (our QC'er) computer is experiencing technical difficulties. Please wait patiently, thanks :)

As you can see below, the "Silence" subbing project is going extremely well and releases should come very soon.


"Silence" subbing progress

>> Friday, August 04, 2006

***This project has been dropped ***
This drama will be hardsubbed

Files will be provided on BT at d-addicts and also on creidesca's clubbox

Released Episodes:
Episode 01
Episode 02 + MVs (Harlem Yu's "Quietly" & Vic Zhou's "Familiar Gentleness")
Episode 03


"Smiling Pasta" episode 3...

>> Thursday, August 03, 2006

After a lot of cursing, pwner4once finishes translating his quarter, which completes all translations for episode 3 (yea, he was the last to finish, so I gave him some e-slaps on MSN) :D bumena and xCHELLy will start timing episode 3.

ViewMD is done timing episode 2 and Purplexx will now proceed to QC the translations. Since sunshine is very anxious in watching episode 2, we'll try to QC as quickly as we can...hahahaha...


"Smiling Pasta" episode 2 & 3

>> Tuesday, August 01, 2006

xCHELLy finally finishes timing the 2nd half of episode 2 after 3 hours of struggling (for being distracted by the attractive storyline...hehehe). Thaominh relieves xCHELLy by timing the preview for her, so don't worry, episode 2 will not be without its preview! ViewMD is in the process of timing the first half.

snarkastic has already finished translating a quarter of episode 3 and bunnyhearts is working on translating her part while the rest of us wait for YDY's HQ release of episode 3.


No, we're not subbing "The Legend of Star Apple"

I don't know why I've been (and also Gi-Ma-Mi) receiving messages, PMs, e-mails with people asking me if SUBlimes will sub "The Legend of Star Apple" (Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan). The answer is no, we are not going to sub "The Legend of Star Apple". We have never taken this drama into consideration for subbing. If you check our fansub wiki, we do have plans to sub "Hana Kimi" as our future project. Sorry, but we are not die hard fans of Ming Dao or 183 Club. Our subbing projects are decided purely upon our interests in watching them (the story, the acting, possibly the actors) and having enough subbers that are willing to participate in the project.


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