Silence episode 1 Hardsubbed RELEASED!!!

>> Sunday, August 20, 2006

WOW! Episode 1 is FINALLY released!!! Please click here for torrent. Clubbox link will be provided later. Special thanks to soutsada7 for encoding. Please note that I did not check the subs on TV before I gave the formatted sub file to soutsada7, so if anyone does burn it and watch it on TV with their divX player, do let me know if the left/right/bottom margins are set wide enough so that the subs are not cut off :)

Happy viewing :D


Anonymous,  August 21, 2006 1:11 AM  

Hey thanks you guys for Silence episode one HARDSUb!!Cant thanks!~ you guys enough. ^_^

Anonymous,  August 22, 2006 10:28 AM  

Hi! Thank you so much for subbing Silence!! I'm a big fan of ZaiZai and it's really frustrating not being able to understand his series. But thank god for your team, non-Chinese speaking people will now be able to appreciate this series better. By the way, I would just like to comment that the English subs appear below the Chinese subtitles, hence when I burn them to VCD format and watch it on TV, the subs are cut off at the bottom. Nevertheless, a BIG thank you to your team for embarking on this project! =)

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