Episode 7 release

>> Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear viewers,

Episode 7 was done several days ago, but the release was held back due to the rising issue of streaming sites. We have asked and continue to ask all of our viewers to NOT upload our videos to other streaming sites. We provide you with our own youtube streaming channel where you can link and watch our videos there. Unfortunately, our request continues to be ignored. It saddens us to see sites profitting from fansubs or taking credit in our hard work.

It has been frustrating and I have had numerous discussions with our team regarding how to solve the issue. I am left with no choice but to further watermark our videos. Further action is undecided at this point.

Without further ado, here is episode 7:

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Episode 7 notes:

In the BTS, Rainie called Will Pan being the better looking version of Nono. So now you're wondering, WHO is Nono? Nono is a well-known comedian/host in Taiwan. He is the one on the right in the picture below.


Miss No Good, Episode 7 summary

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tang Men's past revealed...

In the past few episodes, we were only let in on some bits and pieces as to why Tang Men lives alone, and why he never contacts his family (even on special occasions). Episode 7 finally let's us see Tang Men's past all thanks to Mother's Day! As mentioned in last episode, Shi Rui Ke (aka Lai Rui Ke) was given the task to invite Tang Men's mom onto the Mother's Day special. Of course, with his personality, he makes a deal with Xiao Hua where she would seek out Tang Men's mom while he goes help her get contracts from those 30 Stylists. Getting the contracts was an easy job, but persuading Tang Men's mom to show up was an impossible task. When all hope was lost, a special guest arrives on the day of the show's recording.

The reunion between Tang Men and his mom was a touching and bittersweet moment. Although the relationship between Tang Men and his father is left unresolved, at least we know it'll be saved for later.

In this episode, Tang Men has no doubt fallen in love with Xiao Hua. We get a scene where Tang Men asks Xiao Hua, "do you like me?" >awkward silence< But Tang Men quickly rephrases it, "do you like me as a friend?" awwwwww...

There's no helping it. They must surpress their feelings for the sake of Jia Si Le. But for how long? And we know that evil Jiang Mi has a video clip of Tang Men and Xiao Hua hugging each other. It looks like the secret will burst in the next episode.


Miss No Good Episode 6 is HEEERE!!!

>> Saturday, October 18, 2008


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Miss No Good Episode 6 summary

“I’m sorry, I can’t speak English”. This was what Xiao Hua said when she was asked to do a presentation for the reps from the foreign trading company.

It is indeed a very good move. Thanks to Tang Men’s advice, Xiao Hua was able to pull off her presentation successfully by speaking in Chinese with Tang Men interpreting her presentation.

Following her success, Xiao Hua decided to celebrate with Jiang Mi and Dou Zi. Later that evening, they went for a celebration dinner and were then joined by Jo Jo and Tang Men. Jiang Mi and Tang Men were invited by the trio to join a party at a club. Tang Men initially refused but then he was persuaded by Jiang Mi to go. At the party, Jiang Mi injured herself and broke her neck while attempting pole dancing. How she managed to injure herself was a wonder to me. I guess it’s just her bad luck! I can’t say I’m not glad to see her injured herself. *Hehehe… I know I’m evil! :D *

Xiao Hua felt really guilty about Jiang Mi’s injury. She was convinced that it was her bad mouth that cursed Jiang Mi into her fall. She was comforted by Dou Zi that the incident was just a coincidence. However, Xiao Hua was not convinced and she tried to curse her again by saying that Jiang Mi will choke while drinking. Unbelievably, she actually choked! The truth is, Jiang Mi actually choked when Xiao Hua commented about the neck piece that she wore after her fall might make her neck look longer. What a stupid comment! I doubt anyone can go on drinking without choking after hearing that comment.

She then confessed to Tang Men in the hot spring inn that she has the ability to curse Jiang Mi. Naturally, Tang Men refused to believe her. So Xiao Hua made up something bad by saying that Jiang Mi will walk out from the hot spring dressing room with her towel and then her towel will fall while walking. Guess what happened? =D Jiang Mi decided to walk out with her towel just to show off that she has bigger boobs than Xiao Hua and then she tripped! Her towel came off and both Xiao Hua and Tang Men tried to cover each other’s view from looking at Jiang Mi’s nude body! Hahaha!!!! I don’t think they really made an effort to cover each other’s view. Tang Men even tried to peek through the fingers! Hahaha…. What a pervert! =D That scene was definitely the funniest part in the episode.

Meanwhile, Si Le’s mom was very angry and held Xiao Hua accountable for Jiang Mi’s injury. I didn’t think that it was fair since Xiao Hua didn’t actually cause Jiang Mi to fall! In the office, she gave Xiao Hua a difficult task by asking her to persuade a list of 30 stylists to use their company’s products. She wants Xiao Hua to complete the task within a week with a success rate of 80%. This woman is really impossible!

With the help from Dou Zi, both of them went through the list of stylists without any success until one person finally agreed. Surprise, surprise, the person that actually agreed was Ji Nuo. Xiao Hua was very uncomfortable meeting with Ji Nuo after their last encounter and was uneasy with Ji Nuo’s readiness in using the company’s product. There is definitely something fishy about Ji Nuo and the episode wrapped up with Ji Nuo whispering to Xiao Hua that their secret is safe with him. Hmmm…… wonder what the secret is...


Miss No Good, Episode 5 summary

>> Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet the parents!

Ep 5

chickens! and more chickens!

Finally, the ep that you've been waiting for, Xiao Hua's hairstyle! Gots to watch to see what it looks like. Woohoo. I gots to tell you it's much better this way..haha

Xiao Hua's grandma has been invited to meet the mother's of Jia Si Le. Jia Si Le's mother and grandmother have been told already by Jiang Mi that Xiao Hua just wants money.
So they try to buy off Xiao Hua's grandma by giving her 40 million. Obviously grandma doesn't understand the situation and gives the money back and says she just wants Xiao Hua
to marry Jia Si Le. Grandma goes back and tells them that they tried to give her so much money for dowry.

Jiang Mi meets up with Tang Men to discuss the situation and convinces him to continue to make Xiao Hua fall in love with him.

We still recognize you, rainie :P

More lessons in speech, these scenes are so funny. It's like a huge pillow fight..haha. I wonder if anyone can say the tongue twister that they've come up with. Next Xiao Hua has
to get a massage and facial to "culture her agricultural goods", this was a weird saying to me, but I think they were talking about her breasts..haha. What comes next?? Xiao Hua's
hairstyle has been turned into a masterpiece compared to her crazy curls.

Now the big meeting with Jia Si Le's mother and grandmother. Hao cong bu (scary)! However, she's having her doubts about marrying Jia Si Le, she's never been in love, so she's not sure what she is feeling. What a nightmare meeting the mother and grandmother, now Xiao Hua has to work the company for a year and then decide whether they still want to get married.
What's even worse is that the mother made Xiao Hua her assistant.


For our precious Tang Men, there's a surprise for him. It's a mother's day special on his show where Tang Men will do a beautiful Mother's day makeover, however, the surprise is on
him when the show decides to secretly invite his mother to be the person for the makeover.

First day on the job, Xiao Hua already forgot her entrance pass, gets thrown out of the building, critized for her clothing and needs to learn English. What a mess!

That's it! Until next time

-AkumaX's super better 1/2 :P


Miss No Good Episode 5 REELEEASED!!!

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

It's finally here!!!

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Miss No Good, Episode 4 summary

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kissing, kissing, and oh Jiang Mi, you cheating...&*%&*!! :P

Episode 4

As mentioned in Ep 3, Jiang Mi shows up at the restaurant fashionably late in her new hairdo. She’s very surprised to find out what kind of person Xiao Hua is and can’t believe Jia Si Le is interested in this type of person. Tang Men tries to prove to Jia Si Le that Xiao Hua just wants to marry into a rich family by asking if she received “special benefits” when her and Jia Si Le were younger. Of course she doesn’t know any better and is proving to Tang Men that she was just trying to get “special benefits” out of Jia Si Le. Evening ends with Jia Si Le asking Xiao Hua to date him with marriage in mind and he gives her a sweet kiss on the cheek, with Tang Men and Jiang Mi “disgusted” nearby ?

Meanwhile, Xiao Hua can’t take her eyes off of Tang Men’s show on TV and doesn’t even notice that Jiang Mi has come over to scoop her out. At the same time Xiao Hua’s friends come over and are teasing her of being a “rich wife” and Xiao Hua plays along, however, Jiang Mi thinks it’s all true and that Xiao Hua is only with Jia Si Le for the money.

Jiang Mi seeks out Tang Men and asks him to make a promise to help her reveal Xiao Hua’s real intentions. Jiang Mi invites everyone to dinner, so that she can cleverly lay out her plan, however, Tang Men is still unsure of the plan. As Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua walk up to the restaurant to meet them, Jiang Mi quickly kisses Tang Men and Xiao Hua looks a bit irritated by it…

Things are heating up. Jiang Mi’s devious plan plays out and Tang Men has to give Xiao Hua a full makeover to help win over Jia Si Le’s mother (a coverup for Jiang Mi as she wants Tang Men to make Xiao Hua fall in love with him). At first both Xiao Hua and Tang Men object and Xiao Hua tells them she already got a makeover. She almost spills the beans that Tang Men was the culprit and he gives her the evil eye and threatens to cut her up if she says anything. This vengeful scene is funny and entertaining.

During one of the makeover sessions, the attraction between our stars starts to show when Tang Men ends up holding Xiao Hua’s hand to hold her back, such a sweet scene.

And finally, more Behind The Scenes clips for your entertaining convenience :D

Until next time!

- AkumaX’s Better Half


Miss No Good Episode 4 Released!!!

>> Monday, October 06, 2008

It's out

Oh yes, it's out - WARP to Download Link

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