Miss No Good, Episode 4 summary

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kissing, kissing, and oh Jiang Mi, you cheating...&*%&*!! :P

Episode 4

As mentioned in Ep 3, Jiang Mi shows up at the restaurant fashionably late in her new hairdo. She’s very surprised to find out what kind of person Xiao Hua is and can’t believe Jia Si Le is interested in this type of person. Tang Men tries to prove to Jia Si Le that Xiao Hua just wants to marry into a rich family by asking if she received “special benefits” when her and Jia Si Le were younger. Of course she doesn’t know any better and is proving to Tang Men that she was just trying to get “special benefits” out of Jia Si Le. Evening ends with Jia Si Le asking Xiao Hua to date him with marriage in mind and he gives her a sweet kiss on the cheek, with Tang Men and Jiang Mi “disgusted” nearby ?

Meanwhile, Xiao Hua can’t take her eyes off of Tang Men’s show on TV and doesn’t even notice that Jiang Mi has come over to scoop her out. At the same time Xiao Hua’s friends come over and are teasing her of being a “rich wife” and Xiao Hua plays along, however, Jiang Mi thinks it’s all true and that Xiao Hua is only with Jia Si Le for the money.

Jiang Mi seeks out Tang Men and asks him to make a promise to help her reveal Xiao Hua’s real intentions. Jiang Mi invites everyone to dinner, so that she can cleverly lay out her plan, however, Tang Men is still unsure of the plan. As Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua walk up to the restaurant to meet them, Jiang Mi quickly kisses Tang Men and Xiao Hua looks a bit irritated by it…

Things are heating up. Jiang Mi’s devious plan plays out and Tang Men has to give Xiao Hua a full makeover to help win over Jia Si Le’s mother (a coverup for Jiang Mi as she wants Tang Men to make Xiao Hua fall in love with him). At first both Xiao Hua and Tang Men object and Xiao Hua tells them she already got a makeover. She almost spills the beans that Tang Men was the culprit and he gives her the evil eye and threatens to cut her up if she says anything. This vengeful scene is funny and entertaining.

During one of the makeover sessions, the attraction between our stars starts to show when Tang Men ends up holding Xiao Hua’s hand to hold her back, such a sweet scene.

And finally, more Behind The Scenes clips for your entertaining convenience :D

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