Miss No Good Episode 6 summary

>> Saturday, October 18, 2008

“I’m sorry, I can’t speak English”. This was what Xiao Hua said when she was asked to do a presentation for the reps from the foreign trading company.

It is indeed a very good move. Thanks to Tang Men’s advice, Xiao Hua was able to pull off her presentation successfully by speaking in Chinese with Tang Men interpreting her presentation.

Following her success, Xiao Hua decided to celebrate with Jiang Mi and Dou Zi. Later that evening, they went for a celebration dinner and were then joined by Jo Jo and Tang Men. Jiang Mi and Tang Men were invited by the trio to join a party at a club. Tang Men initially refused but then he was persuaded by Jiang Mi to go. At the party, Jiang Mi injured herself and broke her neck while attempting pole dancing. How she managed to injure herself was a wonder to me. I guess it’s just her bad luck! I can’t say I’m not glad to see her injured herself. *Hehehe… I know I’m evil! :D *

Xiao Hua felt really guilty about Jiang Mi’s injury. She was convinced that it was her bad mouth that cursed Jiang Mi into her fall. She was comforted by Dou Zi that the incident was just a coincidence. However, Xiao Hua was not convinced and she tried to curse her again by saying that Jiang Mi will choke while drinking. Unbelievably, she actually choked! The truth is, Jiang Mi actually choked when Xiao Hua commented about the neck piece that she wore after her fall might make her neck look longer. What a stupid comment! I doubt anyone can go on drinking without choking after hearing that comment.

She then confessed to Tang Men in the hot spring inn that she has the ability to curse Jiang Mi. Naturally, Tang Men refused to believe her. So Xiao Hua made up something bad by saying that Jiang Mi will walk out from the hot spring dressing room with her towel and then her towel will fall while walking. Guess what happened? =D Jiang Mi decided to walk out with her towel just to show off that she has bigger boobs than Xiao Hua and then she tripped! Her towel came off and both Xiao Hua and Tang Men tried to cover each other’s view from looking at Jiang Mi’s nude body! Hahaha!!!! I don’t think they really made an effort to cover each other’s view. Tang Men even tried to peek through the fingers! Hahaha…. What a pervert! =D That scene was definitely the funniest part in the episode.

Meanwhile, Si Le’s mom was very angry and held Xiao Hua accountable for Jiang Mi’s injury. I didn’t think that it was fair since Xiao Hua didn’t actually cause Jiang Mi to fall! In the office, she gave Xiao Hua a difficult task by asking her to persuade a list of 30 stylists to use their company’s products. She wants Xiao Hua to complete the task within a week with a success rate of 80%. This woman is really impossible!

With the help from Dou Zi, both of them went through the list of stylists without any success until one person finally agreed. Surprise, surprise, the person that actually agreed was Ji Nuo. Xiao Hua was very uncomfortable meeting with Ji Nuo after their last encounter and was uneasy with Ji Nuo’s readiness in using the company’s product. There is definitely something fishy about Ji Nuo and the episode wrapped up with Ji Nuo whispering to Xiao Hua that their secret is safe with him. Hmmm…… wonder what the secret is...


freya1507 October 18, 2008 9:44 PM  

^^ thanks thanks for the summery, will help understand the next episode tonight ^^
hihi about the peeking through the fingers ...to jiang mi, tang men is just lucky xiao huas hand is just smaller hihi...

karen October 19, 2008 12:10 AM  

Jia Si Le totally missed out on the good stuff! (hahahaha)

Ji Nuo must have made a copy of Jia Si Le's perfume formula.

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