Miss No Good, Episode 7 summary

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tang Men's past revealed...

In the past few episodes, we were only let in on some bits and pieces as to why Tang Men lives alone, and why he never contacts his family (even on special occasions). Episode 7 finally let's us see Tang Men's past all thanks to Mother's Day! As mentioned in last episode, Shi Rui Ke (aka Lai Rui Ke) was given the task to invite Tang Men's mom onto the Mother's Day special. Of course, with his personality, he makes a deal with Xiao Hua where she would seek out Tang Men's mom while he goes help her get contracts from those 30 Stylists. Getting the contracts was an easy job, but persuading Tang Men's mom to show up was an impossible task. When all hope was lost, a special guest arrives on the day of the show's recording.

The reunion between Tang Men and his mom was a touching and bittersweet moment. Although the relationship between Tang Men and his father is left unresolved, at least we know it'll be saved for later.

In this episode, Tang Men has no doubt fallen in love with Xiao Hua. We get a scene where Tang Men asks Xiao Hua, "do you like me?" >awkward silence< But Tang Men quickly rephrases it, "do you like me as a friend?" awwwwww...

There's no helping it. They must surpress their feelings for the sake of Jia Si Le. But for how long? And we know that evil Jiang Mi has a video clip of Tang Men and Xiao Hua hugging each other. It looks like the secret will burst in the next episode.


freya1507 October 29, 2008 10:34 AM  

thanks for the summery ^^

i have now probs when the subbing is a bit slow ....
"real life" can be so demanding ;-)
but but
pls dont stop to sub it pleeeaaaassse go on

Persephone October 29, 2008 4:23 PM  

Wah, even though I want to learn about the juicy bits (etc) from actually watching the show I can't resist taking a peek at the summary and spoiling it for myself. Still excited about episode 7 though. Thanks.

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