Autumn's Concerto episode 8

>> Saturday, November 28, 2009

Download page:

Guang Xi and Mu Cheng meets again!


Episode 7 now up on Youtube!

>> Monday, November 23, 2009

Apparently, Youtube likes Zahra Computer better.



Where is Autumn's Concerto episode 7 on youtube?!?!

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm sorry to those who are still waiting for the streaming of episode 7. Please continue to be patient as we are experiencing a bit of a technical difficulty with youtube. Rest assured, we are working on it. We will try our best to resolve it.

Just hold tight!


Autumn's Concerto episode 7

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Episode 7 is now released!  Just a heads up, there were quite a number of notes added (maybe with some that don't make much sense, but oh well).  The time leap finally happened and Little Xiao Le made his debut on this episode.  SUBlimes had yet another group chat to settle on what terms to use for "Xiao Le talk".  Thus, if you are watching other subtitled versions, there may be variations in translation between us and other subbing individuals/teams.


3 Year Anniversary for Many SUBlimers!

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey guys! I just want to let you know that today is Nov. 19, 2009. So what makes today's date so special to us? Well, it marks the third year since Hana Kimi first aired in Taiwan, one of the dramas that our fansub group was proud to translate and sub for you all.

What makes this particular date significant is that it marks the debut of many of our core members in our group! Because of the Hana Kimi fansub project, we were able to get the awesome contributions of akumax, carine, ethidda, momo, and zahra! Without their awesome help, we wouldn't have been able to complete the Hana Kimi fansub project with a resounding success! Thanks again, guys!

EDIT: Oh, I also debuted then. :D


Autumn's Concerto numba 6!

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

Download page:

Another filler!  It was really not a very exciting episode.  Episode 6 was just like one long music video to me, but maybe because I was adding subs to all of those insert songs so it made me feel that way. 

Anyway, as they're hyping in the news and the preview in episode 6, the time leap should happen in the upcoming episode.


Our very own...DOT com!

>> Monday, November 09, 2009

If you're visiting our blog right now, you probably might have noticed that our url is now pointing to...

Yes, during one of our regular SUBlimes group chats,  Pauli decided to sacrifice a McD burger to buy us this domain <3  



What the....Autumn's Concerto episode 5 is out?!?!?!!!!

>> Saturday, November 07, 2009

Download page: 

What a surprise!  Looks like a public blog post was enough to pressure our stragglers to push this episode out!  I'm just as surprised as you are...hahaha...but it's all for the better.  Anyway, hurry and head over to d-addicts to get it downloaded!


Delay for episode 5

>> Friday, November 06, 2009

Hello all,

I apologize that we are experiencing a slight delay for episode 5 of Autumn's Concerto.  Our timer/QC was on a field trip, who has now returned, but it looks like we're not gonna make it to release today or tomorrow.  We might be looking at a Monday release due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

In case you REALLY REALLY wanna know where we're at.  Everything's translated and timed.  We're working diligently to fill in any blanks or rewording / adding notes to the translations and fixing timing errors.

Thank you for your patience :)

With that said...Yes!  We are still looking for more translators!  Please drop us an email at if you're interested!



New Site Dedicated to C-pop News!

>> Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you all to a new entertainment site dedicated to all things Chinese pop culture called Cpop Access (CPA). Located at, this site focuses on Chinese pop music, but it also mingles in drama, movie, and other entertainment news from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and beyond.

Hope you guys can help out to support the site! Check it out @


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