Will Power!

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here is Will Pan's performance @ [V] Power 2008.

Oh~ Wooh Wooh Oh! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh! Oh!...

Youtube streams: Part 1 | Part 2


Leehom in the spring rain

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Leehom MV!! Here's the 2nd single to his latest album..."Spring Rain Washes Away The Sun".

Click here to watch!!!


Leehom's Heart Beat

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Before we bombard you with any more Handsome Pan and Rainie clips, here is Leehom's latest single, "Heart Beat"...

Click here to watch!!!!!



Throw your troubles away!

Troubles Troubles Throw your troubles away and enjoy this Christmas!

To help you throw your troubles away, here's Rainie's Too Troubled MV.

Check out Rainie's Too Troubled MV here


SUBlimes Variety Channel

>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jingle Bells, Santa Smells, SUBlimes variety comes to you!

Checkout our new youtube channel SUBlimes Variety featuring all of our special video gifts to everyone throughout our subbing processes. We shall also be completely migrating all of our previous music videos to the new account. Remember to subscribe to it!

Enjoy! Have a happy holidays!


Will Pan MVs

>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Will Pan music videos.

Check them out!

Say You Love Me (2007): Youtube stream

Lizard Stroll (2003): Youtube stream (the very first single)


Xiao Hua's "Take Me Away"

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wanna know how Xiao Hua would sing "Take Me Away"? Check this out!

Click here to watch


SUBlimes' upcoming plans...

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

Fu's next project?..

Right now, I'm just looking forward to my break. I'm sure most of our subbers that were on the Miss No Good project are looking forward to it too. I know a lot of people have been asking and suggesting series as our next potential project, but...we really don't have plans for taking any...no, not even Superstar Express.

The truth is, I've never been a huge Rainie fan (and I sense that our members haven't been one either). The only thing that kept us subbing Miss No Good all the way was really..."Will" power.

If you haven't noticed, fu's a long time Will Pan fan. So maybe I'll consider the next Handsome Pan series...but most likely not the next Rainie series (hahaha).
Anyway, we still have some Handsome Pan videos queued up on our list, so you might see them get posted on youtube later on.


Miss No Good Episode 14...RELEASED!

I am proud to announce the final release of Miss No Good...Episode 14!

~*WARP to download page*~

(>sniff, sniff<...I'm gonna miss it)

Special thanks to all SUBlimes members who have contributed in this project. It has been 3 months of intense subbing and we've made it to the end. Although there were some struggles and unpredicted changes made along the way, we've managed to pull through. Thank you for being supportive and adaptive in the decision to speed sub this project.

To our viewers, thank you for your continual support in our fansubs. We hope you've enjoyed the drama as much as we did :)



Episode 14 (Final) summary

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally, the last episode is here!

This episode kicks off with Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua visiting their elementary school and we get to witness the time they spent together during elementary school. At long last, Jia Si Le is “awake” from his own idea or you can say his own dream and realised that Xiao Hua is not suitable for him. (Took him a long time to realise that) He decided to give up on Xiao Hua and urged her to go after Tang Men who will be leaving for Germany on that day.

So our heroine rushes to the airport to see Tang Men before he leave. At the airport, Xiao Hua managed to catch Tang Men and confessed her love to him. She even begged Tang Men to stay in Taiwan for her sake. Unfortunately, Tang Men had signed a contract to work in Germany for 5 years and he has no choice but to leave. In that tearful goodbye, she told Tang Men that she will wait for him because she really loves him. Even if he doesn’t love her, she will still love him. How sweet…. If you are a person that gets touched easily, I would advice you to prepare a packet of tissue in advance. :p

Two years later, Xiao Hua is back to her old image with her curly hair and mismatched clothes. But this time, she has become more matured and is content with her present image. Jia Si Le and Jiang Mi are now a blissful couple and Xiao Hua is glad to see them together. Seeing how much Xiao Hua is missing Tang Men, Jo Jo went to Jia Si Le and asked him to return her favour by going to Germany and bring Tang Men back to Taiwan.

So on a lonely day in December, Xiao Hua hailed a cab to go home and suddenly someone went into the cab with her. Do you feel like déjà vu? Guess who went into the cab? Tang Men has come back to visit Xiao Hua! Yay!!!! They went to Tang Men’s new apartment and Xiao Hua wore the wedding dress Tang Men made for her. Tang Men asked Xiao Hua to wait for him for another 3 years and meanwhile, he will return monthly for a week to spend time with her. After his contract ended, he promised her that they will be together again and he seals the promise with a kiss….*Sigh………………*

After a romantic night, Tang Men was awoken from a nightmare. He dreamt of a Goddess telling him that he will fall in love with the most unfashionable girl in the world as the price to pay in exchange for his poisonous tongue. Xiao Hua was delighted when she heard about his dream and she told Tang Men that he would never be able to get rid of her for the rest of his life! Hahahaha!!!!! Way to go, Xiao Hua! Tang Men then run off from his apartment in fright with Xiao Hua chasing him from behind!

That concluded our hilarious and enjoyable drama. :D We hope that our viewers had enjoyed watching it and we certainly had a great time subbing it! ;D


Take me away.....

带我走 到遥远的以后.....

Take me away to the distant future....

Here's Rainie's MV for the ending song of Miss No Good. Enjoy it!

Take me away MV on youtube


Will Pan - Turn The World Around MV

>> Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another addition to the Will Pan music videos collection! This one is from 2006. And Blue J, who sang the duet "The same regret" with Will Pan, appears in this video.

Youtube Stream

Previously posted MVs:

Playing Cool (2007): Youtube stream

Master (2005): Youtube stream

Can't Help But Love (duet with Xian Zi) (2005): Youtube stream

Wu Ha (2004): Youtube stream

My Microphone (2003): Youtube stream


When Will Pan was a VJ...

>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

By popular demand (more like Zahra)...MORE handsome Pan clips!

Anyway, I was looking through my collection of backups, but I just couldn't find any Rainie clips. Then again, like Zahra says, "there are enough subbed Rainie clips out there." heehee...

Check out this video which shows a clip of when Will was a VJ at Channel [V].

Click here to watch!!!!

(Will @ BBT, August 2007)

EDIT: VJ = A term invented by MTV as the television version of a Disc Jockey.


Will Pan @ 100% Ent "In The Still Of The Night"

>> Tuesday, December 02, 2008

From June 2006! That's why Will has a different hairstyle!

There's no need to say more about this clip...Just hurry and go watch!

Youtube Stream


Miss No Good Episode 13 UNLEASHED!

~*WARP to download page*~

...I forgot what I was going to say...errr...YAY! for episode 13!


I still think of her...

momo's on holiday, so she youtubed videos for a whole day and came across one MV that she really liked. momo loved the MV so much that she decided to sub it and share her current craze for this MV with everyone.

However, after hearing it at maximum volume 20 times while trying to translate and typeset the MV, she's not too sure if she wants to watch or even listen to the MV anymore...

Anyway, here's the MV. Enjoy it!

Click here to watch JJ Lin's I still think of her MV


Miss No Good Episode 13 summary

>> Monday, December 01, 2008

"As long as you open your eyes, I'll let you have Xiao Hua..."

As we found out in episode 12, Jia Si Le met a car accident and is now in a coma. In hoping to help Jia Si Le wake up, Xiao Hua visits the hospital every day to tell him jokes (since he seems to like hearing jokes a lot...) But nothing seems to wake Jia Si Le from his deep sleep.

Time seems to be running out and we're counting down to the day that Tang Men will leave for Germany. Tang Men packs up everything at home, donating most of it to an orphanage. But there was one thing he needed to give to Xiao Hua...The wedding dress, which was originally made to propose to her. So Tang Men shows up at Xiao Hua's house. He hands her the dress in a case and says, "this is a wedding present for you and Jia Si Le..." Why? Is it because of the car accident? In any case, Tang Men gives every reason to break up with Xiao Hua and even admits that he has never liked her before...

And it's time to head to the airport to leave for Germany...


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