New redistribution rule

>> Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Due to the lack of clarity on my part, there seem to have been some misunderstanding and miscommunication between us and our users.

In order to eliminate further misunderstandings, the redistribution rule will be refined to as follows:


(Fansubs include softsubs and hardsubbed files, and video broadcasting sites include but not limited to: youtube, veoh, etc.)

Do not sell our fansubs (ie. charging users for downloads/bandwidth to get our videos, putting our videos into DVD(-video) and auctioning them on eBay).

Please do not alter our fansub work (altering includes: editing our subs or cutting short excepts of our videos and reposting them).

Please do not "borrow" our fansub work without permission (borrowing includes: using and/or copying a portion of our translations and using them as your own).

If you redistribute our hardsubbed files, please credit SUBlimes and post a link back to our blog or the d-addicts forum.

If you want to post the softsubs elsewhere, you can directly use the subtitles download links posted at d-addicts, such as:

Please DO NOT hardsub our subtitles and redistribute them without permission.

For hardsubbed files, please DO NOT re-encode and add any type of logo onto them. Please redistribute the file as is.

They will be further refined if necessary.


Hana Keemeeee 12 hardsubs RELEASED!

>> Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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We could've released this 30 minutes earlier, but NO, we MUST NOT release an imperfect encode. The first encode was short 3MB!! Anyway, I hope you can all enjoy 6 kilobits more per second with our second encode!

I am so glad that Julia finally leaves in this episode...

Note to self: delete those "dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai" songs off the drive...


dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai

>> Thursday, May 17, 2007

Richie Yen's version: download me

Ah Cow's (niu) version: download me

("The girl across please look over here", original composer/singer: Ah Niu)

After watching MLS 03, you probably noticed how we've subbed the song that Jimmy was singing at the end of the episode even when there was dialogue going on. Although we originally did not plan to sub it, Pauline thought that it was "pretty catchy and relevant for a pick-up-chicks kind of song" -_-;;

The ending font on the song title must have been a bit shocking (hahaha). That was because I was using a funky font while our encoder, Paula, didn't have it on his computer.

My mistake. Sorry, Paula. REMIND me to use "ECREDITS" next time!

(okay, I don't know what happened. A three-liner appeared even when it was a pretty short line compared to other lines.)


My Lucky Star 03 hardsubbed RELEASED!

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This really took the full two weeks to QC. This episode breaks the record of having the most number of translation notes! SPECIAL THANKS to Pauline and Madeline for staying up late at night with us, helping us with the translations.

So, at least one of you have noticed that the audio was COMPLETELY out of sync in the raw file. Probably no one cares, but it has been COMPLETELY re-synced. Man, I do NOT want to go through another one of these again! All I can say right now is, I'm mentally drained out - from QC'ing, from encoding, from reading user messages.

Ref. #0516BCWL334

Dun wan2 be rude subberz but....if u wan2 make and effort in subbing any series for other ppl on the net to share then u should subb all the seriez first then uploading for others to share with...."do it rite!"...if u jus wan attention to all the emails others have on this site for you subbers then just keep all ur subbing delayz to urself!

Yes, we'll take the upcoming months to reflect on our failure to complete subtitles for an episode every day. We will rethink our methods of subtitling and take your suggestion as to hold releases until all episodes are subbed. However, what has been released so far will not be taken down. Please ignore these pages until all episodes have been posted. As mentioned earlier, no further updates are made on subbing progresses due to unpredictable release schedules.


Hana Kimi 11 Hardsubs RELEASED! (finally)

>> Monday, May 14, 2007

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As you all know, there has been a lot of impolite messages regarding our subbing progresses. We're providing you our work for FREE and all we're asking you to do is to be PATIENT! As long as I haven't announced that a project has been dropped, it is ongoing. If an episode has not been released yet, it means that we're working on it. When will it be out? It will be out when it is done. Yes, that is what ALL of our members will TELL YOU no matter how many times you ask.

I like to thank Zahra for helping me out in answering messages for these few weeks even when it's exam time.

Anyway, THIS episode took long because it actually had a total of 1,850 lines of subtitles! HOLY! That's equivalent to almost three episodes of a Kdrama series! On top of that, a lot of Chinese dialogue didn't make sense. And Julia...

Well, I guess this was nothing compared to what we're going to release NEXT (in a day or two).


User mail

>> Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ref. #0512BCWL317



Ref. #0508BHK644

Hey guys, first i like to say to say well done for making good subs. Great job you guys but helllloooo?? How long are we gonna wait until the next episode..?? It's been few months now and people are getting impatient waiting for a new episode to come out. what the hell is wrong people?

TIME! What you can't see and can't participate in, does not mean that we've been sitting out in the sun enjoying a tan.

Ref. #0508Y02

when do you plan to subtitle the whole drama of "my lucky star"???please let us people that wanna to watch it know.... thank you for eng.subbing it.....^_^


Zahra's reply: We've been planning since the beginning.

Ref. #0507V01

When will you guys be done subbing and uploading corner with love?, isn't hana kimi already subbed, kuz i watched it on youtube

O RLY?! Fine, we'll sub ours and you'll watch yours. If everyone feels that it is redundant to release ours, then I guess we'll only release ours in the private community.

Ref. #0506Y01

Are you a guy or a girl?

sublimes is unisexual.

Ref. #0506BMLS77

are ya'll trying to sub all of the ep and post it all at once?


Ref. #0505V01

I choose Magicians of Love to watch since you have put a label that says that subtitles are complete. When I click on the brings me to d-addicts....Unfortunately, I can't open it...why? I did try to downlowad the CCCpack...but it won't let me download either.. please let me know where I can watch this drama completely...I hate it when I am suspended in the happened to me with Corner with Love....Please tell me how to download the complete series ....Thanks.

Instructions are written on the very first post at d-addicts...

Magicians of Love is NOT hardsubbed. Please...

- download original raw files

- download subtitle files

- watch subtitles with video using Real Player or read FAQ on how to play rmvb files with subtitles on other players.

Please note that SUBlimes is not responsible for helping you find raw files.

This series is also available at our youtube channel.

Ref. #0505Y10

Will you please translate "Express Boy" and "Marry me"? Thanks.

Please note that we do not take requests. We only sub dramas/videos that are of interest to us.

Ref. #0505Y572C

hi,, when are you gonna upload ep 8 and the rest of Corner Of Love??


Ref. #0505V23C

plzz can u post out My lucky star so fast as u can plzz i beg u

Sorry that we have failed to translate, time, edit, resync, and encode an episode all within a day.

Ref. #0505BHK634

hey fufu, i thought you said that episode 11 is going to be out this weekend. hope to see it tomorrrow cause it is taking a very long time, i think you guys stop updating for about 2 months already. Thanks for subbing though, keep up the good work.

WOW, did I say that? I said I HOPED that we'd be able to. Well, if that was how I sounded to you, then I'm sorry that I lied. I'll refrain myself from giving updates from now on.

Since Paula hasn't replied...

Here you go fu

Some coffee for those late night subbing...>.<

3 more weeks and then I get to send 100 emails a week back at those people for you.

For youz:

....maybe we SHOULD just close commenting to anonymous people and then create a new email so that all the "spam" can end up there without you reading them. ^.^

but for those who are helping keep SUBlimes moral up


omg ur still alive zahra! :waves;


two more week, two more weeks =D


Forget it! I should just go bang my head on the wall!

>> Thursday, May 03, 2007


The comments are getting a bit out of hand (public and private). Please be a little more considerate of our subbers when you're posting comments or messaging us on youtube/e-mail. I quote my QC'er:

"i am not visiting the blog anymore.

The comments on MLS are making me sweat."


MLS 06 1st half: sunshine -> carine

MLS 04 2nd half: sunshine -> xCHELLy

MLS 03 1st half: xCHELLy -> fewfew

CWL 11 2nd half: xCHELLy -> fewfew

CWL 09: hika -> carinelay

CWL 12 Q4: raen -> Shireen

HK 14: Q1 -> xinhui8810, Q2 -> carine

HK 14: 1st half -> sunshine, 2nd half -> thaominh

MLS QC swap 03 -> momo, 04 -> hijacked, 06 -> raen, 07 -> hijacked, 09 -> winny, 10 -> Zahra

CWL 11 Q4 -> Tweedyy

HK 14 Q3 -> ethidda, Q4 -> madelinepoh

CWL QC ONE UP: CWL 13 -> woorbi, CWL 14 -> sweetie

CWL 12 QC: woorbi -> hijacked

MLS 02 QC: Zahra -> raen

CWL 12: Iris -> madelinepoh, Tweedyy, ethidda, raen

MLS 03: Zahra -> emily, xinhui, pauline, carine


Here you go foo:

At this point we could either:

a) Encourage all the impatient people to start subbing the drama

b) Close all the comments, close the blog, silently sub all the dramas until they're finished, and then re-open the blog/comments with all the episodes finished so no one would complain

c) Try to calm the other subbers down and ignore all the negative comments

Its stuff like this that takes the fun out of subbing...

Thanks, Paula.


Hi, I really want to watch Corner With Love, please upload episode 8 and the rest of the episodes with subtitles....plssssss...

You sub, I upload. Deal!


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