Happy Birthday to SUBlimes!

>> Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello all!

April 28th marks SUBlimes' one year anniversary! WOW! It has been one year already...hahahaha...

Well, well, well...How can we celebrate our one year anniversary without releasing something, right? (hahaha...)

Here it is: Corner With Love episode 7!!

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To celebrate our one year anniversary, we've been working hard on reviving our previous projects. For those who don't know (yet), The Magicians of Love is now available on our utube channel (all 22 episodes of it). Please give your thanks to AkumaX for hardsubbing the entire drama and uploading it on utube himself. In addition to TMOL, Smiling Pasta hardsubs are being uploaded to gogobox (works the same as clubbox).

I guess some of you have already discovered us on veoh...>gasp<...! Some episodes of our current projects are also loaded on veoh (but of course, videos will be uploaded sooner on youtube...due to limited uploading staff...)

We THANK YOU all for your continual support to our work :)


My Lucky Star 02 RELEASED!

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Have we broken the curse of NUMBA TWO? I hope so...

Ever since our first hardsubs release, every first "episode 2" encode has turned bad on us, forcing us to release a "v2". I hope we won't have to do THAT for this episode...hahahaha...

Paula says:
Dual Core Opteron 165 @ 2.8ghz... blew up... dead... melting...
edit: seems to be working now :P


Corner With Love 6 Released

>> Sunday, April 22, 2007

someone edit me to add more content, haha

download link:


Paula says:


Paula says:


Paula says:

is up with the english

Paula says:

in cwl 06


YESSSS...I love it when they talk in English. Less work for our translators and QC'ers to do...hehehehehe... Well, we've put subtitles on those parts anyway just in case you don't get what they're saying :P

btw Paula, how come the color is getting darker and darker on the intro + outro subs?


And the subs on the intro and outro are in a DIFFERENT SHADE of COLOUR! I can't imagine what the next episode will look like...o_O Is it you or is it me?

ITS YOU!!!11one D:

Shud up! Go and encode.

Our parallel encoding better work...A9C19734


Corner With Love episode 5 hardsubs RELEASED!

>> Saturday, April 14, 2007

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I'm sacrificing my study time to post this episode up for you (>gasp<...must study...for exam...on...Monday). Special thanks to momo and carine for filling in for our fellow team subbers. Nonetheless, everyone worked hard on this episode during our busy school and work schedules :) Please also give a BIG round of applause to Paula for getting this episode in sync after 5 encodes (hahaha...)

Lastly, thank you for everyone's patience in our releases.


- more swapping between subbers

- expecting HK 11 some time soon (hopefully)

- Next release: most likely be MLS 02 or maybe CWL 06(dependent on QC'er)


Out of contact

>> Sunday, April 08, 2007

I was going to just post a reply on the blog post below this, but I figured I better just make a new one for all new and existing viewers of SUBlimes Fansubs.

How to view these mp4 files:

As stated in FAQ, we recommend using VLC, GOMPlayer, or MPlayer. If for whatever reason that either the visual or the audio is not showing, download and install the CCCP filter pack. Note: if you have previously installed video codecs (and or codec packs), it might be best to UNINSTALL all your existing codecs FIRST, then install the CCCP filter pack.

The video is really a X264 file. It's a much more efficient codec than XviD, which produces better video quality at the same bitrate. We're using it because we are doing a high compression on the file. For visual sake, if we used the XviD codec to encode the files (at the same bitrate), you would be seeing big blocks on screen. If we were to encode into XviD for these files, we'd have to make each filesize around 550-650mb to maintain a similar quality to X264. Other than Hana Kimi episodes 3 and 4 not working in Quicktime, all other episodes (regardless of which drama) should work fine given that you've properly installed the player and/or filter pack.

Totally ignoring youtube messages:

I will not be replying to youtube messages because they're mostly about: please add me as friend, how come I still can't see the videos after confirmation, when will episode XX be uploaded...

1) Takes time to checkmark on every friend request

2) youtube doesn't automatically put you on the friend list after confirmation, so my model answer for that is, "you will be added when we get to your invitation."

3) Episodes will be released when we're done subbing it. Due to upcoming exams, we apologize for the long delays.

MLS episode 1

I screwed up on episode 1, didn't I? I'm sure some of you have caught this already. The first translation note comes on at the wrong time...hahahaha...oh well, it's not that important.


My...Lucky...Star... episode...01... re...leased...

>> Saturday, April 07, 2007

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Encoding this almost drove me insane!

It's the first time that I see a ydy cap go off-sync so badly. It took a while to find all the off-synced sections and make adjustments to the audio to put it back on sync.

Episode notes:

The Chinese title to "My Lucky Star" actually translates to "The Xing Xing who cries wolf", which basically means "the lying Xing Xing". Xing Xing means star, which is the name of the girl in the drama (Xia Zhi Xing, nicknames: Ah Xing ("star"), Xiao Ah Xing ("little star")).

When you watch the video, you'll notice that the intro is flickering like MAD (don't worry, the actual drama doesn't start yet). Don't panic, that's NORMAL because all my encodes are known to have groovy intros.

Do I need to explain what are red envelopes?


- Still trying to track down some key subbers to upcoming releases.

- Have been making several swaps between subbers.

- CWL 05 will be released next...hopefully next week...we'll see...

Meh~ What can we do? The finals are here/nearing. Thanks for your patience.


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