Miss No Good Episode 12 RELEASE

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

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The BTS in this episode was brutal...I hope they don't get any longer...

I would also like to give a big thanks to sheng who has been proactively helping us upload all the episodes to Megaupload :)

Again, please refrain from asking when will we have the episodes, when will it be on DDL, or when will it be on youtube. We only have so many people and everything takes time to do. If we've been consistently releasing the episodes and uploading them for you, it's unlikely that we would somehow...skip an episode out of nowhere. Just be patient! Keep in mind that torrent is our priority release, so if you can't wait for the other means of distribution, torrent it!

Episode 12 BTS notes:

Li Bing Hui was mentioned in the BTS. Who is Li Bing Hui you ask?

Li Bing Hui is a famous Taiwanese singer who is in a group with Jin Men Wang. However, Jin Men Wang has already passed away...

If you're interested, you can check out one of their famous songs: Wandering to Dan Shui


Miss No Good Episode 12 summary

I'm going to Germany, will you come with me?..

This episode starts off with Tang Men accepting the job offer to become a fashion consultant at a newly opened fashion styling school in Germany. What's going to happen to Xiao Hua then? In Tang Men's mind, he imagines a perfect picture of Xiao Hua going along with him.

His imagination gets interupted by the door bell. It's Xiao Hua, who wants to show him her creation for the jewellery designing competition. Although Xiao Hua feels very unconfident, Tang Men gives her encouragements and tells her that her design is extremely creative. Tang Men then tells her, "if you don't win anything, don't come back to see me." (which seems like something that might come back to haunt him)

Tang Men keeps his departure to Germany a secret as he wants to tell Xiao Hua AFTER the jewellery designing competition. Xiao Hua finds out nonetheless before the jewellery designing comptition and thinks that Tang Men is leaving for Germany WITHOUT her. Regardless, Xiao Hua wanted to hear the news from Tang Men himself, so she visits Tang Men late at night to say goodbye to...

She asks Tang Men twice, "Do you really have nothing to say to me?" Unfortunately, Tang Men didn't catch the meaning behind her words, and Xiao Hua leaves in tears.

Jia Si Le, with his never-dying efforts, also decides to take this chance to propose to Xiao Hua (since he also found out that Tang Men is planning to leave for Germany, taking Xiao Hua with him). But on the way to dinner, he meets a car accident and falls into a coma...>gasp<

Will Jia Si Le wake up? Will Xiao Hua leave with Tang Men to Germany, or will she stay with Jia Si Le? Watch the episode to find out!


Awaking LIVE performance clip

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

My name is Dozz...

Awaking LIVE @ Le Party 2007: Youtube stream

Dou Zi (Xiao Hua's friend), in real life, used to be a part of the 2-guy group, Awaking. Awaking was formed in 2004 and is composed of Wesley and Jay (Dou Zi). After their first two albums, they signed onto a new record company, EMI, and released their 3rd album in January 2008, No Money Still Be Happy. EMI originally signed a 2-album contract with Awaking, but they decided to terminate the contract early as the company felt their music concept was widely different from Awaking's. In addition, Jay also graduated from University this year and is due to fulfill his military duties. Thus, he will have to put his career on the side soon. Wesley, on the other hand, will continue to write songs for other singers.

[news source: cctv.com]


Tang Ah Men (Will Pan) Music Videos~

Hi! Just to let all Tang Ah Men fans out there know that we have uploaded some of his music videos on our youtube channel. Check them out!!

Playing Cool (2007): Youtube stream

Master (2005): Youtube stream

Can't Help But Love (duet with Xian Zi) (2005): Youtube stream

Wu Ha (2004): Youtube stream

My Microphone (2003): Youtube stream


Miss No Good episode 11 RELEASED!!!

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Dou Zi stole a thermos from the hospital!


Miss No Good Episode 11 summary

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"I won't let you have Xiao Hua!"

Tang Men finally admits his love to Xiao Hua, and the guys are in for a battle to win Xiao Hua's heart...even though it's so obvious who Xiao Hua likes. Xiao Hua told Jia Si Le her true feelings in this episode TWICE, but Jia Si Le just isn't going to give up so easily.

Although Jia Si Le never listens, Xiao Hua goes on her first official date...errr...jewellery designing lesson...with Tang Ah Men. I can't remember what they learned in their first class, but....

What happened next was the perfume launch press conference. Jia Si Le announces the name for his newly released perfume and publicly introduces Xiao Hua as the girl he loves and wishes to marry!

Of course, Jiang Mi, who is on two crutches, arrives with Tang Men on time to hear all of it. If that's not enough, Da Shu and Grandma also happened to be tuning into the live broadcast at the time. After hearing Ya An approve of Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua's marriage proposal, Da Shu leaves the store in outrage to seek Ya An for an explanation (since Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua should be...brothers and sisters from the same mother but different fathers). It is then where Da Shu finds out he has mistaken all along...Jia Si Le is only Ya An's stepson...>phew<

But things don't end happily. While Da Shu and Grandma wants to keep Xiao Hua's true identity a secret forever, Ya An would like to be reunited with Xiao Hua one day after all. Since both sides can't seem to reach a consensus, Ya An's Mom (Jia Si Le's Grandma) proposes a deal...

What kind of a deal did Jia Si Le's Grandma make? Will Xiao Hua marry Jia Si Le? Will Will Pan make it to the [V] Power concert on November 29th? Watch the episode to find out!


Miss No Good Episode 10 RELEASED

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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No ETA on episode 11 as our raw provider still has not released the episode yet...

But on another note, Miss No Good came in FIRST just this past episode (ep 11)!!


Miss No Good Episode 10 Summary

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why do families have to be so complicated, also?

It starts with Xiao Hua freaking out about how she has again cursed Jiang Mi. Jiang Mi tells Xiao Hua to give Jia Si Le to her. Jia Si Le tells Xiao Hua that he was mistaken about her and wanted her confirmation that she likes him. However, of course, she rejects him and tells him that she thinks of only as a friend. She doesn't acknowledge that she likes Tang Men either.

With that, Jia Shi Le calls out Tang Men for a confrontation and we get a drunken bar scene with Jia Si Le ending their friendship. As the drunk goes home, he pisses off his grandmother who puts all the blame on Xiao Hua. This pressures Ya An to blurt out that she is Xiao Hua's birth mother, thereby making Jia Si Le's grandmother Xiao Hua's blood-relative also. Apparently the grandmother is only Jia Si Le's step-grandmother, just as Ya An is his step-mother. This is getting complicated.

Tang Men's show is hosting a jewelry design competition and Tang Men decides to give an application to Xiao Hua. She accepts gladly for the money and dreams about winning.

Jia Si Le's step-grandmother/Xiao Hua's real grandmother arrives at Xiao Hua's door steps to talk to Ah Ma. She apparently has a scheme to marry Xiao Hua into the Jia family, thereby having Xiao Hua become her granddaughter anyway.

Da Shu decides that he must take drastic measures to keep Xiao Hua from marrying Jia Si Le as he believes they are half-siblings. He calls Tang Men out and reveals the truth to him after extracting a promise for Tang Men to take care of Xiao Hua. Still in the dark, Jia Si Le decides that he will continue pursuing Xiao Hua in his own way and reconciles with Tang Men. The battle is now officially on.


Miss No Good Episode 9 Summary

The relationships are getting so complicated...

Tang Men and his crew tricks Ji Nuo into revealing the truth on camera and signing a contract. (I wonder if he will appear again to mess things up or whether this is the end of that chapter.) This results in more cute Tang Men and Xiao Hua's sweet moments together. Xiao Hua convinces Tang Men to take a picture while they are out eating. Tang Men decides to be generous and decides to take Dou Zi in as his assistant. And, we finally witness the fireworks scene with Tang Men "confessing" his "love" to them all.

Meanwhile, Ya An (Jia Si Le's mother) is agonizing over what to do about Xiao Hua and a couple of flashbacks tells us of the history between Ya An and Da Shu (Xiao Hua's father). Da Shu then realizes the meaning of Xiao Hua being Ya An's daughter. That Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le are half-siblings! (No way! Or are they?) Ya An confirms that Xiao Hua is her daughter.

Tang is invited over for Mother's Day dinner. Da Shu uses the excuse of being drunk to extract a promise from Tang Men that he likes Xiao Hua and will take care of her. Tang Men later retracts that statement privately to Xiao Hua. Jiang Mi professes her love to Jia Si Le and is rejected. There are now two sad girls. Jiang Mi then cries to Tang Men but realizes that he also likes Xiao Hua. There is now one sad, sad girl.

And then...Dou Zi and Jiang Mi get into a motorbike accident! *gasp*


Will Pan injured in Beijing/NY vacation canceled

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

(Image and news source: hitoradio & NOWnews)

Summary: Will Pan injured in Beijing/NY vacation canceled

Will Pan injured his left leg while performing at the Hennessy music event in Beijing on Nov. 8th. He was hurt during a dance move for the song "Around the World". Four years ago, he also had a similar incident on stage in which his left knee was badly hurt with torn ligaments. It's uncertain at this point if he needs to undergo operation or not.

Also mentioned in the articles:

- Will told his fans at the event that he "as a singer, (I will) live on stage and DIE on stage".

- He had started to write songs for his next album; expects to be out at next March.

- There is a major line-up for getting MRI's done.

- Since getting good ratings and praises for his work in MNG, he would like to act in one drama per year.


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>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Miss No Good EP 9

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>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Just in case anyone was wondering...No it's not your imagination, none of the blog layout images are showing up. Thus, we're having some technical difficulties in that area.

In addition, fu is having a slight fever, so that's why everything seems to be in slow motion (nothing updated, no releases...etc.) Thank you for everyone's patience. Please be rest assured, things are still progressing.

Lastly, I would like to bring your attention to...

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Miss No Good Episode 8 released

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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Please refrain from asking when the next episode will be released.

Episode 8 notes:

Remember that psychological quiz from Jiang Mi? If you picture a bird on your shoulder or in your hand, it means you're...

Cai Kang Yong!!!

Cai Kang Yong is a popular TV show host in Taiwan. One of his most well known shows is Kang Xi Lai Le, which he co-hosts with Xiao S.


Miss No Good Episode 8 summary

Xiao Hua gave Ji Nuo the perfume formula?..

As we all know, evil Ji Nuo stole the perfume formula while Xiao Hua was being careless. Like we had been left off on episode 7, Ji Nuo is now trying to sell the formula back to Jia Si Le's company while telling everyone that Xiao Hua is his accomplice. Like adding fuel to fire, Jiang Mi takes this golden opportunity to show Jia Si Le the...Hot Springs video...sighhh... Xiao Hua had no choice but to leave in tears and goes missing. After Tang Men went searching for Xiao Hua from day till night with no luck, he goes home but to find Xiao Hua sitting right on his doorsteps!

Xiao Hua stays for the night, but in the very next morning, Jia Si Le rings Tang Men's door bell. Full of anger, Jia Si Le questions Tang Men why he has to steal his girlfriend, Xiao Hua, away. They battle in a fight but it was soon called off by Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua decided to admit to everything >gasp< as she is now convinced that she is not fit for Jia Si Le..."The one who is interested in your money is me! The one who sold the perfume formula to Ji Nuo is me!" Will Jia Si Le believe her words? Will he give up on Xiao Hua? We'll have to find out...

On the other side of the story, Jia Si Le's Mom decided to go find Xiao Hua (again) in hope to end her son's relationship with Xiao Hua with money (again). But Xiao Hua just happens to not be at the shop and Xiao Hua's father, Da Shu, is the only one there looking after it. But when Jia Si Le's Mom meets Xiao Hua's Dad, they were both shocked. It turns out that they have known each other from a long long time ago! What more secrets are there to be revealed? We'll get to know more in the next episode.


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