Miss No Good Episode 12 summary

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm going to Germany, will you come with me?..

This episode starts off with Tang Men accepting the job offer to become a fashion consultant at a newly opened fashion styling school in Germany. What's going to happen to Xiao Hua then? In Tang Men's mind, he imagines a perfect picture of Xiao Hua going along with him.

His imagination gets interupted by the door bell. It's Xiao Hua, who wants to show him her creation for the jewellery designing competition. Although Xiao Hua feels very unconfident, Tang Men gives her encouragements and tells her that her design is extremely creative. Tang Men then tells her, "if you don't win anything, don't come back to see me." (which seems like something that might come back to haunt him)

Tang Men keeps his departure to Germany a secret as he wants to tell Xiao Hua AFTER the jewellery designing competition. Xiao Hua finds out nonetheless before the jewellery designing comptition and thinks that Tang Men is leaving for Germany WITHOUT her. Regardless, Xiao Hua wanted to hear the news from Tang Men himself, so she visits Tang Men late at night to say goodbye to...

She asks Tang Men twice, "Do you really have nothing to say to me?" Unfortunately, Tang Men didn't catch the meaning behind her words, and Xiao Hua leaves in tears.

Jia Si Le, with his never-dying efforts, also decides to take this chance to propose to Xiao Hua (since he also found out that Tang Men is planning to leave for Germany, taking Xiao Hua with him). But on the way to dinner, he meets a car accident and falls into a coma...>gasp<

Will Jia Si Le wake up? Will Xiao Hua leave with Tang Men to Germany, or will she stay with Jia Si Le? Watch the episode to find out!


Anonymous,  December 05, 2008 4:47 PM  

The scene where Xiao Hau went over to Tang Men's house and was applying the flower designs on Hu Hu as she cried was a tear-jerker. It wasn't his fault that she was crying since she got the wrong impression from what Jia Se Le T.T As for Jia Se Le falling into a coma, I got pretty annoyed since the whole "dropping something and getting into a car crash" happens way too often in dramas. I sometimes wish that rather than getting into a car crash, the characters are injured in a different way. Anyway, I am so watching the next episode tonight! I definitely want to know what will happen to Jia Se Le, and what Tang Men and Xiao Hua will do, regardless of whether Jia Se Le wakes up from the coma or not. I am still a Xiao Hau and Jia Se Le fan, despite the fact that she should be with Tang Men. It's just that Jia Se Le is so adorable, and his love for her is incredible. His love may be stupid since he is not accepting the fact that he lost her, but at the same time, the love is so pure and innocent.

Intox December 07, 2008 12:21 PM  

I agree with the poster above ^, the car accident reminded me of Meteor Garden 2 :p

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