Miss No Good Episode 11 summary

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"I won't let you have Xiao Hua!"

Tang Men finally admits his love to Xiao Hua, and the guys are in for a battle to win Xiao Hua's heart...even though it's so obvious who Xiao Hua likes. Xiao Hua told Jia Si Le her true feelings in this episode TWICE, but Jia Si Le just isn't going to give up so easily.

Although Jia Si Le never listens, Xiao Hua goes on her first official date...errr...jewellery designing lesson...with Tang Ah Men. I can't remember what they learned in their first class, but....

What happened next was the perfume launch press conference. Jia Si Le announces the name for his newly released perfume and publicly introduces Xiao Hua as the girl he loves and wishes to marry!

Of course, Jiang Mi, who is on two crutches, arrives with Tang Men on time to hear all of it. If that's not enough, Da Shu and Grandma also happened to be tuning into the live broadcast at the time. After hearing Ya An approve of Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua's marriage proposal, Da Shu leaves the store in outrage to seek Ya An for an explanation (since Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua should be...brothers and sisters from the same mother but different fathers). It is then where Da Shu finds out he has mistaken all along...Jia Si Le is only Ya An's stepson...>phew<

But things don't end happily. While Da Shu and Grandma wants to keep Xiao Hua's true identity a secret forever, Ya An would like to be reunited with Xiao Hua one day after all. Since both sides can't seem to reach a consensus, Ya An's Mom (Jia Si Le's Grandma) proposes a deal...

What kind of a deal did Jia Si Le's Grandma make? Will Xiao Hua marry Jia Si Le? Will Will Pan make it to the [V] Power concert on November 29th? Watch the episode to find out!


Unnur Svana November 25, 2008 6:32 PM  

this epi sounds so good... can't wait to see it ^^

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