Miss No Good Episode 9 Summary

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The relationships are getting so complicated...

Tang Men and his crew tricks Ji Nuo into revealing the truth on camera and signing a contract. (I wonder if he will appear again to mess things up or whether this is the end of that chapter.) This results in more cute Tang Men and Xiao Hua's sweet moments together. Xiao Hua convinces Tang Men to take a picture while they are out eating. Tang Men decides to be generous and decides to take Dou Zi in as his assistant. And, we finally witness the fireworks scene with Tang Men "confessing" his "love" to them all.

Meanwhile, Ya An (Jia Si Le's mother) is agonizing over what to do about Xiao Hua and a couple of flashbacks tells us of the history between Ya An and Da Shu (Xiao Hua's father). Da Shu then realizes the meaning of Xiao Hua being Ya An's daughter. That Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le are half-siblings! (No way! Or are they?) Ya An confirms that Xiao Hua is her daughter.

Tang is invited over for Mother's Day dinner. Da Shu uses the excuse of being drunk to extract a promise from Tang Men that he likes Xiao Hua and will take care of her. Tang Men later retracts that statement privately to Xiao Hua. Jiang Mi professes her love to Jia Si Le and is rejected. There are now two sad girls. Jiang Mi then cries to Tang Men but realizes that he also likes Xiao Hua. There is now one sad, sad girl.

And then...Dou Zi and Jiang Mi get into a motorbike accident! *gasp*


Anonymous,  June 09, 2010 4:29 AM  

"now one sad, sad girl"

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