Will Pan injured in Beijing/NY vacation canceled

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

(Image and news source: hitoradio & NOWnews)

Summary: Will Pan injured in Beijing/NY vacation canceled

Will Pan injured his left leg while performing at the Hennessy music event in Beijing on Nov. 8th. He was hurt during a dance move for the song "Around the World". Four years ago, he also had a similar incident on stage in which his left knee was badly hurt with torn ligaments. It's uncertain at this point if he needs to undergo operation or not.

Also mentioned in the articles:

- Will told his fans at the event that he "as a singer, (I will) live on stage and DIE on stage".

- He had started to write songs for his next album; expects to be out at next March.

- There is a major line-up for getting MRI's done.

- Since getting good ratings and praises for his work in MNG, he would like to act in one drama per year.


karen November 17, 2008 3:21 PM  

Poor Will...

If anyone wants to watch the clip of how he got hurt, here it is:


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