Autumn's Concert 19 + BTS!!!

>> Monday, February 15, 2010

It might already be Monday, but we have subbed episode 19 including the BTS. That's right, a whole extra half-hour subbed! Props to the members who stuck through the difficult BTS subbing. Whoooo!

Get it here:


Autumn's Concerto episode 20 will be preempted

>> Monday, February 08, 2010

Just as we thought, episode 20 will not be aired on this coming week due to the Chinese New Year specials.  Episode 20 will be aired on the following week (February 21).  Read more about it @ CpopAccess:

During this time, please refrain from asking us when our subs will be released (cause we're going to miss a week) or make requests for us to sub [insert special / drama name here].  After pulling through the past 18 episodes on a weekly basis, I can assure you that I'm on the edgy side right now.  Your cooperation is very much needed and highly appreciated to keep me and the team at peace.

- fufu


Autumn Concerto OST

>> Saturday, February 06, 2010

Here's the OST for Autumn Concerto. :D


01 我愛他 演唱|丁噹(片頭曲)(Ding Dang: Opening Theme)

02 親人 演唱|丁噹

03 拓也的秘密心願 (OT:我以為) 編曲|嚴爵 (Yan

04 相遇就不放手 編曲|嚴爵 (Yan Jue)

05 一切為了愛 演唱|品冠 (Victor Wong)

06 下一站,幸福 (OT:我愛他) 編曲|嚴爵(Yan

07 我以為 演唱|品冠 (Victor Wong)

08 G弦之歌 (G Cord Song)

09 最美麗的謊言 (OT:你為什麼說謊)

10 充滿幻想的年少 編曲|嚴爵

11 幸運草 演唱|丁噹

12 愛你不要失憶 (OT:親人)

13 突然想愛你 演唱|丁噹+周華健(片尾曲)

Download link: Torrent | Megaupload


Autumn's Concerto episode 18!

>> Friday, February 05, 2010

Another late night release!

Since SETTV likes to broadcast their dramas while they're still filming, there is never a set number of episodes that is clearly identified.  SETTV dramas could be shortened / extended at any time.  There hasn't been any news in regards to when the final episode of Autumn's Concerto will be aired (although they're done filming already), but most of us anticipate it to be 20 episodes long.  However, since episode 20 falls right on Chinese New Year, there is a chance that the episode may be postponed to the following week as TV networks are most likely to air CNY specials instead of regular programming.

Stay tuned.  We'll keep you posted.  (Or we'll find out when next episode (19) airs)


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