Miss No Good, Episode 5 summary

>> Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet the parents!

Ep 5

chickens! and more chickens!

Finally, the ep that you've been waiting for, Xiao Hua's hairstyle! Gots to watch to see what it looks like. Woohoo. I gots to tell you it's much better this way..haha

Xiao Hua's grandma has been invited to meet the mother's of Jia Si Le. Jia Si Le's mother and grandmother have been told already by Jiang Mi that Xiao Hua just wants money.
So they try to buy off Xiao Hua's grandma by giving her 40 million. Obviously grandma doesn't understand the situation and gives the money back and says she just wants Xiao Hua
to marry Jia Si Le. Grandma goes back and tells them that they tried to give her so much money for dowry.

Jiang Mi meets up with Tang Men to discuss the situation and convinces him to continue to make Xiao Hua fall in love with him.

We still recognize you, rainie :P

More lessons in speech, these scenes are so funny. It's like a huge pillow fight..haha. I wonder if anyone can say the tongue twister that they've come up with. Next Xiao Hua has
to get a massage and facial to "culture her agricultural goods", this was a weird saying to me, but I think they were talking about her breasts..haha. What comes next?? Xiao Hua's
hairstyle has been turned into a masterpiece compared to her crazy curls.

Now the big meeting with Jia Si Le's mother and grandmother. Hao cong bu (scary)! However, she's having her doubts about marrying Jia Si Le, she's never been in love, so she's not sure what she is feeling. What a nightmare meeting the mother and grandmother, now Xiao Hua has to work the company for a year and then decide whether they still want to get married.
What's even worse is that the mother made Xiao Hua her assistant.


For our precious Tang Men, there's a surprise for him. It's a mother's day special on his show where Tang Men will do a beautiful Mother's day makeover, however, the surprise is on
him when the show decides to secretly invite his mother to be the person for the makeover.

First day on the job, Xiao Hua already forgot her entrance pass, gets thrown out of the building, critized for her clothing and needs to learn English. What a mess!

That's it! Until next time

-AkumaX's super better 1/2 :P


karen October 18, 2008 10:48 AM  

hahahaha...I guess I should have stuck a note about that agricultural goods one. Anyway, they were were talking about her calves, cuz you know...radish...like...round and fat...

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