Subbing "Smiling Pasta" instead of "Marry Me!"

>> Monday, July 24, 2006

Why?...>sigh<...a week before "Marry Me!" started broadcasting, Gi-Ma-Mi already messaged me about subbing "Smiling Pasta". I insisted on waiting till "Marry Me!" comes out first, while Gi-Ma-Mi confidently said to me that I'll DEFINITELY take "Smiling Pasta" in the end. She was right...

I was truely disappointed after watching the first episode of "Marry Me!" It seems to be filmed in very low production as it uses a lot of hand held motion. The audio also sounded like it was recorded straight from the video camera. I know, I'm spoiled with the high production dramas, so I just can't put myself through a low one.

"Smiling Pasta" is the THIRD (wow!) SETTV drama that I will be subbing (first was Green Forest, the second was Magicians of Love). I remembered someone asking me if I was a sweety fan because I happened to have subbed two dramas starring members of sweety (Yan Yan in GF and Qiao Qiao in TMOL). But no, I'm definitely not a sweety fan. I'm actually a SETTV fan...hahahahaha. I like SETTV dramas. I admit, they're a bit cheesy at times, but they always have a good melodramatic plot to it (I like...).


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