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>> Sunday, July 23, 2006

SUBlimes is one of the first Taiwanese Idol Dramas fansubbing groups formed on d-addicts. The group was found in April 2006, by fufu and innerouter2000. Its very first group of members were from subbers of It Started With A Kiss and Green Forest, My Home. SUBlimes completed its first project, The Magicians of Love, in August 2006. From then on, SUBlimes has been bringing you subtitles to popular Taiwanese Idol Dramas.

SUBlimes' extensions
- July 2006: SUBlimes starts blogging
- November 2006: Hana Kimi, the first hardsubbed project
- January 2007: SUBlimes launches its youtube series channel
- December 2008: SUBlimes' youtube variety channel created
- November 2009: SUBlimes gets a domain: http://www.sublimesfansubs.com

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