Black & White episode 3

>> Monday, April 20, 2009


Quick summary:

We left off from last episode where Ying Xiong pulled the alarm at Chen Lin's apartment building in hope to create chaos and sneak in to search her place. Just when they were about to enter, Chen Zai Tian is

...Chen Lin!!!

Although they couldn't search her place in the end, they did learn the whereabouts of Mother An. They also found out that Chen Lin has a common goal with the police, which is to catch Gao Yi.

With the help of the computer genius, Hao Ke, at the station, Chen Zai Tian narrows down to 3 households with unbelievably high monthly electricity bills. They were about to give up after going through the first two houses, which were normal. But when they came to the third place, they could already smell the scent of Dreamer. On top of that, it happened to be right beside Chen Zai Tian's own home! Although they successfully found Gao Yi's manufacturing center for Dreamer, Gao Yi escapes.

From an annonymous caller (maybe from his hallucination), Gao Yi takes order to bring everyone to "heaven"...


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